Printed slipcases with inserts directly from the manufacturer

Just like a matchbox, the box is closed by sliding the insert into the slipcase. The contents are thus presented very attractively.

The slipcases with inserts provide special moments of surprise

Sale products can be found in a wide variety of packaging. Slipcases with inserts are a very popular variant. These are used, for example, where certain products need to be stored in a space-saving way. The sliding boxes open to the front and not to the top. The box is often used because the surprise effect is increased to a maximum by the sliding mechanism. Not only can you buy high-quality slipcases with inserts from us, you can even have the box printed individually. Slipcases with inserts are always well received because the boxes look great and give the product inside a classy touch. But how could you design your slipcases with inserts?

We offer you customised slipcases with inserts

You would like to buy specific slipcases with inserts? Then we have the right slipcases with inserts for you in our range. Our slipcases are made to measure for you and when you buy your slipcases with inserts from us, you get exactly the packaging solutions that are suitable for your needs. For example, we offer sliding boxes in white or sliding boxes in black. Both variants convey a noble impression and are very popular with our customers. Whether you choose white slipcases with inserts or black slipcases with inserts, our slipcases are made in Germany and are of the highest quality. If the slipcases with inserts are printed, then you also ensure a personal touch.

Save a lot of storage space with slipcases with inserts

You have decided to order larger quantities of slipcases with inserts? Then that's no problem at all with us. You don't have to worry about storage space either. The slipcases with inserts can be folded and are thus reduced to a minimum of their actual size. This means that the boxes take up very little storage space, even when larger quantities are purchased. This saves you money and, of course, reduces transport costs as well.

Tailor-made slipcases with inserts for your customers

If you are an entrepreneur, then your product range certainly includes new products all the time. Why not use slipcases with inserts in white or black to present these products in an appealing way? The boxes with print become the perfect product packaging because they can be used again and again. Your company's logo is thus remembered and this is exactly the effect you want to achieve with your products. Not only are the boxes themselves of the highest quality, the printing is also beyond reproach. Dinner is served and you should seize this special opportunity. Put your stamp on the next product. Your customers will be thrilled and high-quality packaging can definitely boost sales. Anything is possible because when slipcases with inserts are printed, everyone knows right away who is responsible for this special packaging. Any products of different sizes can be placed in the boxes with printing.

What products are slipcases with inserts used for?

The uses of slipcases with inserts are many and varied. The mechanism is reminiscent of a matchbox or a classic drawer. Simply pull out the compartment and you can access the goods inside. But which products are usually found in the boxes? Variety is provided here, because many products find space in the sliding boxes. Stow products of all kinds in them. The sliding effect is particularly popular with perfumes, but cosmetic products are also in good hands in the boxes with print. Would you like to give your customers or business partners a special treat and present them with a high-quality biros? Then the slipcases with inserts are also the first choice. Ampoules, knives and even chocolates can be stored in them. In short, the boxes are enormously versatile and ensure an appealing presentation of your goods.

How to show off your slipcases with inserts

You have chosen slipcases with inserts in white or slipcases with inserts in black? If the slipcases with inserts are printed, then you complete the design of the packaging. You can design the packaging according to your wishes. First decide on the basic colour of the slipcases with inserts. Do you want white slipcases with inserts or black slipcases? Other colours are also possible for the sliding boxes. How should your slipcases with inserts be printed? You can place your company's logo on the slipcases with inserts or immortalise a striking slogan. Our slipcases are made to measure and the slipcases with inserts are therefore tailored exactly to your needs. The design of the slipcases with inserts will convince you.

For what purpose do you want to buy the slipcases with inserts?

Once you have decided on our customised slipcases with inserts, there are many possible uses. For example, you could use the slipcases with inserts as the optimal packaging solution for your manufactured products. An attractive presentation of your goods can be a decisive advantage when selling. The customised slipcases with inserts look great and leave a noble impression on your partners. The individual design of the slipcases with inserts also creates an advertising effect that should not be underestimated. Why not give it a try and secure our high-quality slipcases with inserts in white or the slipcases with inserts in black, for example. If the slipcases are printed, then the personal touch is not neglected and products of all kinds can be placed in the slipcases.

Our sliding boxes are in demand for every occasion

With our packaging solutions, you make the right choice. For example, we only use high-quality materials to manufacture our slipcases with inserts. If you buy our slipcases with inserts, you can use them for all kinds of products. Do you have a new product in your range and are looking for a suitable packaging solution? Then contact us! Our slipcases with inserts may be the perfect solution. Our slipcases with inserts are very robust and also look great. Just give it a try and secure yourself an excellent product "Made in Germany".

It's easy to buy your sliding box online

We prefer the short ways and so you can buy your slipcases with inserts online from us. These are made of robust materials and are extremely decorative. The quality "Made in Germany" will convince you. You choose the sliding box you want and specify the corresponding motif. The sliding boxes can then be printed. You can upload any motif from your stock and decorate the sliding box with it. You will definitely be delighted with the result. Now send your order and the slipcases with inserts will arrive in a short time. With just a few clicks, you can be sure of a high-quality product at a fair price. If you have any questions about our slipcases with inserts, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our expert staff will be happy to help you.

Possible uses of the slipcases with insert

Cardboard slipcases with inserts offer numerous advantages that make them attractive for a variety of uses. Here are some of the most common applications and why they are well suited for them:


This type of box offers an elegant and high quality packaging option for gift items. The sliding box adds an exclusivity to the gift that excites even before it is opened. In addition, the possibility of individual printing offers space for personal messages or brand logos.


Perfumes are often luxurious items and the packaging plays an important role in brand positioning. A slide-in box with insert can be equipped with a high-quality print and finish to emphasise the premium quality of the perfume.


The cosmetics sector also places great emphasis on packaging. A sliding box not only provides protection for the product, but also an attractive presentation surface that emphasises the value of the contents.


Especially with high-quality ballpoint pens, appropriate packaging is expected. Here, slipcases with inserts offer the opportunity to present the pen securely and elegantly, making it ideal for use as a promotional gift or luxury item.


High quality knives deserve packaging that matches their quality. A sliding box not only provides the necessary protection here, but also makes an attractive gift option.


Medical or cosmetic ampoules are often fragile and require secure packaging. A slipcase with insert can be provided here with appropriate inserts that hold the ampoules securely and protect them from breakage.

Additional advantages:

  • Customisability: Slipcases with inserts can be produced in different sizes and adapted to the needs of the product
  • Printability: The surface is ideal for printing logos, product information or design elements.
  • Sustainability: When using recyclable or biodegradable material, these boxes can also be an environmentally friendly option.

The versatility and adaptability of slipcases with inserts make them an excellent choice for many different products and industries. Not only do they provide protection, but they also contribute significantly to branding and product presentation.

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