Printed Tent cards directly from the manufacturer

The printed Tent cards are available in the formats Din A4, Din A5 and Din A6 in both portrait and landscape format. The displays can be sent flat and are easy to set up. Due to the tent shape, the advertising message can be seen from 2 sides.

Order printed tent cards as an advertising medium directly from the manufacturer

Tent cards are one of the simplest and at the same time most effective methods of sending out an advertising message to many potential customers, drawing attention to a particular offer or presenting your own company name. At Ebro Color, you can purchase elegantly designed tent cards for the catering industry or company celebrations.

What are printed tent cards suitable for?

Tent cards are primarily used as table displays. Thanks to the possibility of having the easy-to-assemble Tent cards individually printed, you can use them for any form of advertising, branding and sales. For example, use Tent cards as:

  • Information platform at exhibitions: Tent cards, printed with a clear advertising message, a humorous saying or a topic-related question, will quickly attract the attention of passing customers, especially at trade fairs.
  • Table display in restaurants, bars and cafés: You want to make menus as well as offers for daily specials, cocktails and the like visible at a glance? Then tent cards for the catering industry are the answer. Table displays made of cardboard are inexpensive and still make a high-quality impression, as they are custom-made by Ebro Color and printed with high quality.
  • Advertising media: The compact tent cards encourage you to write a concise, meaningful advertising message that attracts attention. A table display made of cardboard is inexpensive to purchase, easy to set up and achieves comparatively great success. With a suitable, individual design, a Tent cards is exactly the advertising medium that leads to more enquiries and sales talks.

In what sizes are cardboard table displays available?

You can buy printed Tent cards either in the standard sizes DIN A4, DIN A5 and DIN A6 or order them as custom-made products. All sizes are available in portrait and landscape format. When shipping, you benefit from the practical delivery format, because cardboard table displays are shipped flat. Setting up the display is very easy. The outer sides of the Tent cards are folded inwards and the foldable foot flaps are hooked into each other. The result is a stable roof shape. A particular advantage is that printing is possible on both sides. The advertising message or offer can be placed on one side, while the company logo and contact details can be seen on the other side.

Cardboard table display with high-quality print, optionally die-cut and foiled


There are almost no limits to your creative ideas when it comes to the design of the Tent cards. The cardboard table displays can be printed with texts and logos as well as with high-quality graphics and photos. Optionally, the Tent cards for gastronomy, exhibitions and waiting rooms can be visually enhanced even further, for example with a die-cut or embossed motif.

With regular use or when they may be exposed to food and drink, Tent cards need additional protection. For this purpose, we can gladly realise a foil lamination for you.

You are wondering which format is right for your ideas? Are you looking for an individual solution? Then contact us directly now. At Ebro Color, we will advise you in detail on all the possibilities and make you a suitable offer. Before you purchase the product, we will of course also be happy to create a test sample of the table display according to your wishes.

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