Printed take away boxes directly from the manufacturer

The carry pack is easy to assemble and has a sturdy carrying handle with double cardboard thickness. The opening from the large side allows the contents to be attractively presented

Unique and high-quality takeaway packaging made of cardboard

In the restaurant business, as in many other sectors, visibility and advertising determine the success of your business. That's why it's always a good idea to advertise your restaurant or café. Advertising works best when it happens quite incidentally. That's why our customisable cardboard tote packaging is perfect as take away packaging for your restaurant, snack bar or café.

To Go Packaging for the Catering Industry

Take Away packaging is an important service for your customers who want to transport their food to their homes. Whether it's takeaway food or the leftovers from a meal eaten at your premises, safe transportation of your food is very important to each of your customers. That's why we make sure that our To Go packaging made of cardboard for the catering industry is made of excellent quality materials and is particularly carefully processed. However, since a great look is often essential, especially for advertising, the design of our take-away packaging is not neglected either.

Customised take-away packaging for the catering industry

The special thing about our take-away packaging is that you can have it printed individually. In this way, you can creatively develop your own designs, which we print on the take-away packaging. The entire surface can be printed, so you can place your images, logos, names and slogans exactly how you want them on the To Go packaging.

Convenient carry-out packaging in high quality

Our take-away packaging for the catering industry impresses with its outstanding quality and high-quality printing. We only use colours that are convincing in terms of quality and ensure a beautiful result. The well thought-out design also ensures that the take-away packaging is particularly comfortable to carry. So not only your food, but also your packaging leaves a good impression on your customers.

Perfect advertising with To Go packaging

To Go packaging from the catering industry offers you excellent advertising. Both your customers and other people remember your restaurant through the individual design of your packaging or become aware of it in the first place. In this way, you potentially attract new customers or motivate your old customers to visit your gastronomy again.

Numerous design options for To Go packaging

You can design our Take Away packaging in the most diverse ways. You are free to choose the colours, the motifs and the positioning of the design. This way, your take-away packaging will be unique and ideally will be associated with your gastronomy from afar.

Build customer loyalty with beautiful take-away packaging made of cardboard

Beautiful and practical take-away packaging from the catering industry will help you to create lasting customer loyalty and turn them into your regular customers. Convenient packaging that also looks good is always an added service that goes down well with customers and leaves a lasting positive impression. This basic positive feeling is what ultimately leads to a repeat visit to your catering establishment. With practical take-away packaging made of cardboard, you offer your customers an additional service and stand out from your competition.

Possible uses of the flat bags

Support packaging is often used for: Cakes, pies, bread

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