Printed brochure stands directly from the manufacturer

Prospectus stands, brochure holders & brochure stands made of cardboard or paperboard for the attractive presentation of brochures. These are easy to set up and available in small quantities. The brochure stand can be shipped flat and is set up by fixing the stand leg.

The brochure stand as an optimal advertising platform


If you want to sell your products well, you have to inform your customers accordingly. For this purpose, a wide variety of advertising measures are launched. Many companies have their own brochures printed to keep customers informed about the latest innovations or offers. But how can these brochures be presented in an appealing and yet cost-effective way? A brochure stand is the perfect solution. You can order the cardboard brochure stand from us and even design it yourself.

Which design should adorn your brochure stand?

A cardboard brochure stand is very environmentally friendly compared to the conventional plastic brochure stands. In addition, the brochure stand can even be designed by you. We not only offer you a wide variety of printing methods for this, we can also realise a wide variety of motifs on your brochure box. You would like to place your company's logo on the brochure stand or you decide on funny advertising slogans? There are no limits when it comes to the design of the cardboard brochure holders.

The brochure holder is suitable for all kinds of brochures


You have brochures in different formats? Then our brochure holder is ideal for presentation. Choose a brochure stand A4 or the brochure holder A5. The brochure stand is upright and so the customer has the brochures quickly to hand. In addition, the brochure stand is very robust and has been designed for long-term use in your company. It is popular both as an A4 brochure stand and as an A5 brochure holder.

In what areas is the brochure stand used?

You have decided in favour of our brochure holder? Then there are many possible applications available to you. For example, you could set up the cardboard brochure stand in the entrance area of your company. Your customers and business partners will find the brochures in a prominent place and they will quickly be out of stock. The self-designed brochure stands A4 and brochure holders A5 will be an eye-catcher for all guests and can be moved spontaneously due to their light weight. This allows you to place the brochure box exactly where you want it. The brochure stand is also in demand at trade fairs. The brochure stand is indispensable as an advertising platform and attracts visitors at trade fairs. People browse through your brochures and this is exactly the goal you want to achieve with the cardboard brochure stand.

The cardboard brochure stand is easy to store


You can easily fold the brochure holder and stow it in smaller vehicles. This means that the brochure box is always ready for use and you will be able to present your brochures even at events convened at short notice. In addition, the cardboard brochure holder will impress you with its attractive price. Opt for the brochure stand standing and use it to put your brochures in the limelight.

The brochure stand can be ordered very easily


Especially in business, an ordering process should be easy to handle. If you choose our brochure stand standing, then you are doing everything right. The brochure stand can be ordered completely online. Simply select the desired brochure stand and specify the design. Now select the quantity and you can send off the order. If you still have questions about the brochure stand, then simply contact our expert team. We will be happy to help you and give you comprehensive advice on the individual brochure boxes. An attractive brochure holder will be a great asset for you and the quality leaves no questions unanswered. Just try it out and secure your brochure holder at an attractive price.

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