Print finishing puts cardboard boxes in the spotlight

The cardboard displays presented here offer only a small selection of the possibilities we have with cardboard. We would be happy to work with you to develop a customised solution for your product or your individual wishes

Packaging solutions directly from the manufacturer

Discover our print finishings

You want to pack your products in cartons? Then we have the perfect packaging solutions for your needs. We offer cartons in a wide range of colours and sizes. But we go one step further when it comes to design. We can refer to a wide variety of printing processes to perfectly set the scene for your chosen carton. The print finish for the carton is in demand and will definitely be an eye-catcher.

Increasing the attractiveness of boxes with print finishing

When it comes to print finishing for the carton, there are numerous processes that beautify the carton. One of them is UV spot varnish. Here, the varnish is applied in high layer thicknesses so that the imprint can even be felt. The colours are very vibrant and are particularly effective on matt surfaces. Foil embossing is another print refinement for the cardboard.

Rely on foil stamping for print finishing on packaging board

Hot foil stamping is also popular as a print finish for cardboard. Here, metallic or coloured pigments are applied to the folding boxes with pressure and heat through an embossing die. This effect is particularly effective with metallic colours such as gold or silver. One could think that the print finishing for the cardboard is actually made of gold or silver and one hardly believes that these are merely colours. This print finishing for the cardboard means that the packaging can be used very well for all kinds of products. The effects are particularly expressive and, thanks to the engraving techniques used, very tamper-proof.

Foil lamination as a print finishing for the carton

Another finishing technique for cardboard is foil lamination. With this print finishing for the packaging board, the board is covered with a wafer-thin film. You can choose between matt and glossy films. The optical effects are convincing and especially the matt foils are very insensitive to rubbing. This makes the print finishing of the cardboard very resistant. If you want the print to be particularly shiny, we use glossy films. The cardboard looks noble and you can use it for a variety of purposes. If you want the cardboard to feel very velvety after the print finishing, then simply opt for a soft-touch structure.

Rely on brilliant colours when print finishing cardboard packaging

Are you interested in UV white printing? We also offer this process. With this print finishing for cardboard, the usual principle is turned upside down. Normally, you always see coloured prints on white cardboard. How about discovering white prints on coloured cartons? This print finishing for cardboard packaging may be unusual, but it exudes a very special fascination. You stand out from the crowd with your print finishing for cardboard and the advertising effect should not be underestimated.

Which print should it be with the print finishing for the cardboard?

If you have decided on print finishing for a packaging carton, then you have come to the right place. Our cardboard boxes are finished to an extremely high standard and can be easily ordered online. You are welcome to use logos or slogans as print finishing for the carton.