Unique quality meets individuality for cup holder made of cardboard

When it comes to serving and transporting drinks, quality and functionality are key. The Ebro Color cup holder, often referred to as a drink cup carrier or beverage carrier, combines both - in a stylish design that is suitable for any event.

Made from the most suitable cardboard material

The printable cup holder from Ebro Color is made from robust kraft liner 200 g/m² and is laminated to a white E-flute 539 g/m². This ensures that it is not only visually appealing, but also provides the necessary stability to transport six mugs or drinking cups safely and without problems.

The perfect complement for events

Whether at large festivals, corporate events or small garden parties, the Ebro Color drink holder is always an excellent choice.

Personalisation for a lasting impression

One of the outstanding advantages of the Ebro Color cup holder is its ability to be personalised. It can be printed directly with sponsors' logos, your own company logo or any other design you wish. This makes it not only a practical, but also a memorable element of any event.

Versatile and flexible: the ideal partner for open draught dispensing

The cup carrier from Ebro Color shows its strengths especially when serving drinks directly from the barrel. Thanks to its solid construction and well thought-out design, both alcoholic beverages such as beer and non-alcoholic beverages such as mineral water, juices and other soft drinks can be served and transported safely and conveniently.

Easy ordering, fast delivery

The cup holder can be conveniently ordered directly from Ebro Color or via their webshop. Thanks to the user-friendly ordering process and fast delivery, event organisers and companies will have everything they need for a successful event in no time. If you need a different design, just ask.

The Ebro Color cardboard cup holder - A practical accessory

If you are looking for a stable, stylish and customisable drink carrier, the Ebro Color cup holder is just the thing for you. Its combination of quality, design and functionality makes it the ideal companion for any occasion. Order today and see this outstanding product for yourself!

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