Printed hinged lid boxes direct from the manufacturer

The hinged lid box from Ebro Color is a patented innovation from Ebro Color that combines design with functionality. Its unique straight base provides additional stability and an elegant presentation of your products. With the cleverly placed dust flaps and the possibility of customisation, this box sets new standards in aesthetics and branding. In addition, the optimisation of machine production ensures not only efficiency but also cost savings.

The hinged lid box from Ebro Color

Ebro Color has developed a new type of hinged lid carton with its innovative hinged lid cartons. This new packaging solution combines practicality and aesthetics to meet the requirements of a demanding market

The 3 special features of the hinged lid box from Ebro Color

The hinged lid box from Ebro Color impresses with its straight base for greater stability and aesthetics, intelligent placement of the dust flaps for a more attractive design and optimised machine production for more efficient production.

Straight base: The stability and aesthetic feature of the hinged lid box

One of the outstanding features of the hinged-lid box is its uniform and straight base. This special design offers a more stable and aesthetically pleasing solution compared to traditional models, which often have an unsightly folded base.

Aesthetics meets efficiency: the dust flap placement on the hinged lid box

The hinged-lid box from Ebro Color is an innovative development in the packaging industry. The special feature of this design is the placement of the dust flaps at the bottom of the box, in contrast to conventional models where they are attached to the hinged lid This arrangement gives the packaging an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Optimisation of the machine production of the hinged lid box

Ebro Color's hinged-lid box is an innovation that overcomes a number of challenges traditionally associated with hinged-lid boxes. It is designed to be efficiently machine processed. Machine processing efficiency is a given with this type of packaging.

Individualisation and customisation of hinged lid boxes

The hinged lid boxes from Ebro Color can be customised, allowing companies to communicate their branding effectively. This means that logos, colours and design-specific elements can be printed directly onto the box

In addition to their function as an effective packaging solution, Ebro Color's hinged lid boxes can also be used for food. Thanks to the use of food-safe inks, they are ideal for packaging foodstuffs such as chocolates.</p

The hinged lid boxes from Ebro Color are a step forward in the packaging industry, combining practicality with aesthetic appeal. The efficient machine production, the attractive placement of the dust flaps on the base and the stable, straight base are important features of this innovation that set it apart from conventional hinged-lid cartons.

Possible uses of the hinged lid boxes

The hinged lid boxes from Ebro Color are a multifunctional packaging option that has established itself as the ideal solution for various packaging requirements across all industries. Their sophisticated structure not only secures the contents, but also emphasises them with its sophisticated design. Potential areas of application for these innovative boxes are highlighted below:

Gourmet food and chocolates

Thanks to their aesthetic design and the option of using food-safe colours, the hinged lid boxes from Ebro Color offer an excellent packaging solution for high-quality food products. Whether for handmade chocolates or selected delicacies, they guarantee a presentation that reflects quality and care.

Cosmetic products

For cosmetics, from perfumes to skincare products, these boxes are ideal as they not only provide protection but also enhance the brand experience through elegant unboxing. Customisation allows brand messages to be communicated effectively and captures attention directly at the point of sale.

Electronic accessories

The robust design of the hinged lid box is ideal for small electronic parts such as headphones or charging cables. The ability to secure the products with a sophisticated design and present them attractively at the same time makes the boxes a favourite choice for electronics suppliers.

Gift items

The hinged lid boxes from Ebro Color are ideal as elegant gift packaging. They can enhance the joy of gift-giving by combining an appealing outer appearance with the excitement of unwrapping. The boxes can even be seasonally customised to provide extra festivity for holidays or special occasions.

Office and stationery

From high-quality writing instruments to office supplies, hinged lid boxes offer a professional and organised packaging solution. They support brand presence in the office supplies market and ensure that products stand out positively in both retail and online sales.

Ebro Color's hinged lid boxes are therefore not just packaging, but a part of the product identity that promotes customer loyalty and communicates quality at first glance.

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