Printed hinged boxes directly from the manufacturer

Like a chest, the hinged box opens from the top, presenting the contents attractively. The hinged boxes can be printed on all 6 outer sides. In addition, a flap is folded inwards from the front, so the bottom of the hinged box can also be printed at no extra charge. If the inside of the lid is also to be printed, a second printing pass is necessary. We will be happy to make you an offer for this.


Our hinged boxes are available in all standard sizes to suit your purpose. We produce the boxes for you from as little as 100 pieces. You can get all our hinged boxes printed or in white. Special finishings for hinged boxes such as embossing and UV spot varnish are possible on request.

Customised hinged boxes - inexpensive and individual

The value and quality of a product are reflected in the design of the packaging. Precisely customised hinged boxes are perfect for pens, cutlery or candles. Even unusual formats and shapes can be packaged in a functional and aesthetically pleasing way with customised hinged boxes.

We can produce hinged boxes exactly to your specifications from as little as 500 pieces. Extras such as hinged boxes with magnetic closures are also possible. Select the desired box online. Simply send us your dimensions. We will provide you with an offer and you will receive a free sample of your folding box. Would you like consultation? Benefit from our expertise and simply give us a call. Why is the price so favourable? Because you buy hinged boxes from us directly from the manufacturer!

Hinged boxes white or printed in your design

Many variations are possible to make a packaging visually appealing and functionally coherent. We can supply you with hinged boxes in white or hinged boxes printed according to your box design.

Choose the right box online. Choose between solid-coloured fine cardboard in over 24 different colours, ecological recycled cardboard, bright white folding boxboard or one of the many other types of cardboard. We will be happy to advise you and work with you to create a coherent packaging concept. Do you want something special? Hinged boxes with magnetic closure convey high value.

Smart packaging: hinged boxes with compartments or inlay blanks

The packaging conveys the first impression. The box arouses interest or informs. Our hinged boxes can be adapted exactly to the use you have in mind. With us, you can buy hinged boxes that are individualised according to size and colour to exactly match your desired design.

This also applies to the inside of the hinged boxes. Compartments ensure that your products are securely fixed and attractively presented. We produce hinged boxes with compartments, inserts and inlay cuts in the size you want for your product. Experience has shown that design and production are most successful if you send us a sample of the planned contents of the hinged boxes. Please feel free to contact us. We look forward to getting to know your ideas and supporting you with suitable packaging!

Advantages of hinged boxes

Exactly customised, individually designed hinged boxes have many advantages if you want to present and sell a product appropriately. The most important 5 advantages of the boxes are:

  • 1. you get a unique packaging product, directly tailored to you, such as hinged boxes printed at an affordable price.
  • 2. The concept of product, packaging and self-presentation of your company can be completely coordinated.
  • 3. you get packaging design and production from one source.
  • 4. you save time through quick, simple assembly.
  • 5. You gain and retain customers through high-quality packaging such as hinged boxes with magnetic closures. This increases your turnover!

Why should you buy hinged boxes from us? Because we, as a manufacturer, produce hinged boxes precisely at a favourable price exactly according to your ideas in white or colourfully printed. Benefit from our many box offers in material, colour and processing, our experience and our know-how. Decide on hinged boxes printed according to your ideas. We will be happy to advise you on the phone. Call us or contact us online!

Possible uses of the hinged boxes

Hinged boxes are an extremely versatile and practical packaging solution used in different industries and for different products.Their design makes them an excellent way to present the contents in a way that is both secure and appealing.Here are some applications of hinged boxes:


Hinged boxes can be designed to hold pens and markers securely while providing the opportunity to make the contents visible through a clear lid or special design.This enhances product presentation at retail.


Jewellery is often delicate and valuable, and a hinged box can offer additional protection through its robust material. The ability to present the jewellery in an attractive way is also a plus.


Hinged boxes can be designed to hold candles securely and attractively, often with a section containing information about the scent, burn time or other characteristics of the candle.BEST SETWhether it's a high quality cutlery set or disposable cutlery, hinged boxes provide an effective way to pack these items neatly and securely.

Whether you are a retailer, an online seller or a manufacturer, the versatile uses and benefits of hinged boxes offer numerous opportunities for product presentation and brand communication.

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