Printed pop-up boxes directly from the manufacturer

This box design is very popular in Japan. The packaging can be set up very quickly and easily. The end customer opens the lid of the folding box from the large side in a visually appealing way.

Japanese pop-up boxes made of cardboard: cleverly packaged

Popup boxes made of cardboard are not only clever. Individually designed, the Japanese pop-up cardboard box is a nice and welcome change in the daily flood of parcels.

What can cardboard pop-up boxes do?

Pop-up boxes made of cardboard are in vogue. The popular packaging idea from Japan is particularly quick and easy to set up. This saves time and nerves in daily business operations. Just as important: the end customer opens the lid of the Japanese pop-up box practically and visually appealing from the large side. With an individual design on the outside and inside, the result is a valuable impression that will be remembered.

What pop-up boxes made of cardboard are suitable for: Possible uses

Beautifully designed pop-up boxes made of paper are an eye-catcher. No wonder they are so popular. The internet has a multitude of tutorials ready for the design of mystery boxes, surprise boxes or explosion boxes. And it's so easy. With individually printed pop-up boxes made of cardboard, sushi, sandwiches, snacks and sweets can be packaged quickly, safely and with high quality. This not only turns shopping into a culinary experience for the end customer. Attractively presented, it tastes even better.

That's why cardboard pop-up boxes for your product

The cardboard pop-up boxes make your life easier. Quick and easy to set up, the Japanese folding cardboard box makes packing your deliveries stress-free. Your product will arrive safely at the customer's door, who will be pleased with the high-quality packaging and the easy opening of the lid from the front. Instead of awkward handling, look forward to the beautifully packaged contents! This is how you leave a lasting impression. And that is important in times of online trade. With a clever and high-quality packaging solution, your delivery will stand out from the mass of parcels. Take the opportunity to link the positive experience with your brand.

You can support branding with a customised design. Six outside pages and four inside pages are available to create the right feeling for your product with your own design. An individual message on the bottom of the paper pop-up boxes turns every delivery into a surprise. This is how shopping becomes an experience. Make it a good one! With a thank you for the order or a reference to other products from your range, you have the opportunity to address your customers personally. A high-quality logo or special haptic effects of the Japanese folding box will stand out and show the appreciation you have for your product and your customers.

How to find the right cardboard pop-up boxes

To help you find the right packaging for every product, we offer a wide range of standard sizes. Not sure which of the many variants suits you? We will be happy to advise you on the right choice. If you provide us with a sample of your product, we can tailor your packaging solution exactly to your needs. Right down to the individual design of the packaging dimensions. This also pays off financially. A few centimetres can make a difference in the shipping price that quickly adds up. With precisely fitting packaging, you waste neither space nor money. Our cardboard pop-up boxes are available unprinted or personalised with a print according to individual specifications.

With cardboard pop-up boxes, you can send your items simply, securely and in high-quality packaging. It's practical for you and appealing to the customer. With a personalised design, you will stand out from the flood of parcels and will be remembered.

Possible uses of the Japanboxes

Japan boxes are often used for: Sushi, sandwiches, snacks, sweets

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