Printed Cardboard Crowns Direct from the Manufacturer

Whether for a child's birthday, a special restaurant experience, or as a highlight at marketing events, Ebro Color's cardboard crowns offer endless possibilities to delight your guests or customers. Discover the diversity and individuality of Ebro Color's cardboard crowns.

Cardboard crowns: Unlimited creativity with Ebro Colour

Whether for a child's birthday party, a special restaurant experience or as a highlight for marketing campaigns - cardboard crowns from Ebro Color offer endless possibilities to inspire your guests or customers. Discover the variety and individuality of cardboard crowns from Ebro Color now and make every occasion unforgettable.

Why cardboard crowns from Ebro Color are the best choice

Comprehensive choice of materials

At Ebro Color, we value quality and environmental awareness. The cardboard crowns are available in various high-quality materials, including:

This selection enables us to combine sustainability with creativity and offer our customers individual design freedom.

Customise your own crown

Give your event that little bit extra and surprise your guests young and old with customised cardboard crowns. Thanks to the option of having these crowns printed according to your wishes, you can not only create an unforgettable experience, but also effectively present your brand or event theme. Also perfect in restaurants to create an unforgettable experience and strengthen customer loyalty. Take advantage of the opportunity to add your logo, a greeting or a special design to the crowns, making each crown a unique keepsake.

Best quality for long-lasting fun

Our focus is on the quality and aesthetics of our products. By using the latest printing techniques, you get cardboard crowns that will be remembered.

The right crown for every occasion

Whether for events, marketing campaigns or customers in a restaurant, the cardboard crowns are as versatile as your life.

And the best thing is that the cardboard crowns fit almost any head thanks to an innovative, size-adjustable cardboard connector. Discover standard sizes in our webshop or contact us for customised solutions.

Enhance the King Cake Tradition with Ebro Color's Cardboard Crowns

In the heart of Mardi Gras celebrations, especially prominent in New Orleans, the King Cake tradition is a highlight of the Carnival season, bringing friends and family together in anticipation of finding the hidden figurine. Ebro Color elevates this beloved tradition with customizable cardboard crowns, ideal for bakeries, patisseries, marketing firms, and food retailers aiming to provide an unforgettable experience. These crowns not only crown the day's king or queen but also serve as a unique marketing tool, offering an innovative way to enhance brand recognition. Crafted from high-quality materials and designed to reflect your brand's identity, Ebro Color's crowns transform the King Cake celebration into an opportunity for memorable engagement with customers, leaving a lasting impression long after the festivities have ended.

Three Kings cake with cardboard crown
Three Kings cake with cardboard crown

Order cardboard crowns directly in the Ebro Color webshop

The cardboard crowns in the Ebro Color webshop consist of a standard strip of paper measuring 618 mm long and 145 mm wide, which already has the characteristic jagged shape of a crown. The ends of the strip are fitted with corresponding tabs that allow the cardboard crown to be formed into a ring and placed on top.</p

Particularly popular for cardboard crowns in the webshop is a white chromo duplex board with a basis weight of 300 g/m², which not only offers the necessary strength and good printability thanks to its multi-layer structure with outer layers made of high-quality fibres from virgin pulp and inner layers made of recycled waste paper, but is also inexpensive and environmentally friendly.


Customers have the option of ordering both small quantities from 1 piece and large quantities of up to 25,000. The cardboard crowns can be customised even for small quantities. The cardboard crowns can be printed according to individual requirements, whereby customers can choose from existing templates or create their own design online and place an order. The production time for an order is just a few working days, allowing customers to quickly and efficiently enhance their events and celebrations with these unique accessories.

Discover the world of cardboard crowns

Ebro Color stands for creativity, individuality and sustainable quality. As an experienced manufacturer of cardboard crowns in Germany, Ebro Color offers a wide range of design options. Let your creativity run wild and celebrate in a unique way with our cardboard crowns.

Order your cardboard crowns online now at Ebro Color and make your next event unforgettable!

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