Printed Telescope boxes directly from the manufacturer

Folding boxes consist of a top and bottom part, which presents the contents very attractively and makes the packaging very stable. The printed boxes are delivered flat and are erected by hand by rolling the top flaps inwards.

Invertible Telescope boxes direct from the manufacturer - buy printed and unprinted telescope boxes

Telescope boxes are stylish packaging that impress with a high degree of stability. Telescope boxes can be used to package particularly high-quality items safely and securely without having to sacrifice the attractive presentation of your products. Telescope boxes therefore also serve as elegant packaging for Christmas gifts and are used in many other areas of product presentation and packaging.

At Ebro Color you can buy Telescope boxes printed and unprinted. We can also make Telescope boxes to measure if required. At Ebro Color, you order directly from the manufacturer so that you can purchase Telescope boxes at favourable conditions. We can make attractive offers on request for orders as small as 100 pieces.

Why buy Telescope boxes? - How do Telescope boxes work?

Telescope boxes consist of two parts, a lower part and a slightly wider upper part. The upper part is put over the lower part as a lid. At Ebro Color you get the box with lid lying flat. The lower and upper parts are then joined together after delivery by placing movable head flaps. This simple principle guarantees you large deliveries at low shipping prices. Assembling the box with lid can be done in a short time with little effort.

What can Telescope boxes be used for?

Telescope boxes are suitable for packaging products that have a high value and need to be transported safely. This includes chocolates, perfume and cosmetics as well as many types of gifts. In addition, Telescope boxes with telescope lids are suitable as packaging for items of clothing that must not be crumpled, thanks to their stable shape. This is especially true for shirts and ties, but also for T-shirts. Another use for Telescope boxes is the packaging of products that consist of several small parts, such as board games. Telescope boxes are also popular as:

  • Decoration material in shops
  • Display at trade fairs
  • Outlet packaging for customer and employee gifts
  • Packaging for promotional products
  • Shoe box with slip lid

Telescope boxes with logo and other design options

The standard version of our Telescope boxes is white and unprinted. However, as this type of packaging is a particularly good way of presenting high-quality products in an appealing way, Ebro Color offers you various options for upgrading your packaging. Telescope boxes with a logo are particularly popular. This allows you to communicate your brand, your company and also your values to every customer at first glance. Thanks to our expertise, we can design the box with logo completely individually according to your wishes using various printing processes. We are happy to produce matching samples according to your print template. This way you get exactly the design you have envisioned.

Other design options

In addition to simple Telescope boxes with a logo, Ebro Color also offers you other options for adding an additional finishing touch to the packaging. To prevent your products from moving around in a telescope carton, for example, you can have us make customised inserts. Telescope boxes can also be produced with a viewing window. This keeps your product securely packaged, but customers can still get a good impression of the size, colour and design of the item. Shirts, ties and underwear, as well as high-end perfumes, are particularly popular for packaging in this way, as they can also be displayed in the shop.

Get your Telescope boxes refined

Our Telescope boxes are made of white cardboard and have a smooth surface. However, would you like to buy customised Telescope boxes that have a particularly high recognition value or are intended to present expensive products elegantly? We will be happy to advise you on various finishing options on request. We are well versed in embossing, die-cutting, engraving and laminating, so we can respond to your individual wishes.

Invertible Telescope boxes printed or white - buy high quality invertible Telescope boxes

A classy-looking, white telescope box is suitable as packaging for beautiful items and selected clothing. In addition, unprinted Telescope boxes are suitable for sending to retailers, i.e. when the consumer does not see the product in the packaging but is given it at the time of purchase. However, Telescope boxes with printing are the first choice for those who not only want to sell their product but also want to achieve an appropriate advertising effect with the packaging. On the one hand, the lid can be provided with a logo, but also a photo or special print image, on the other hand, the underside of the lower part can also be used for printing product information.

Finally, at Ebro Color you have the free choice between Telescope boxes printed or white. Simply fill out our order form with the desired dimensions and quantity, and we will make you a non-binding offer. If you decide to print, all we need is a suitable artwork. You can simply send this to us by e-mail during the quotation process.

Buy Telescope boxes in standard sizes or custom made

Due to our many years of experience and our versatile manufacturing capabilities, you can buy Telescope boxes from Ebro Color that correspond to common standard sizes such as DIN A4, DIN A5 and DIN A6. For certain products, the standard sizes are perfectly adequate. You have the advantage that the manufacturing costs remain low due to standardised production processes.

However, if you need a very specific size for special products, you can have your Telescope boxes made to measure. We can realise any size. Therefore, you have the free choice. Simply enter the width, depth and height to the millimetre in the application form and you will receive a quotation for Telescope boxes that exactly fit your products.

Buy telescope boxes - Request samples and a quote now

Whether Telescope boxes made to measure, Telescope boxes printed according to a template or Telescope boxes with a logo: From standard format to special production, you can have your Telescope boxes individualised and personalised at Ebro Color entirely according to your wishes.

We are happy to create a sample according to your ideas. As an experienced manufacturer of Telescope boxes, we can tailor all facets of this packaging to your requirements. These include:

  • Size
  • Size
  • Material
  • Printing on lid and base

All-round service at Ebro Color - advice on Telescope boxes

You are not yet sure which size you need for your Telescope boxes? No problem. Simply take advantage of our no-obligation consulting offer. We will accompany and advise you as a reliable service provider from the development of the Telescope boxes to the production and delivery. Our employees look forward to your call and your enquiry.

Possible uses of Telescope boxes


Stuffing boxes offer a safe and elegant packaging solution for high value products. These include, for example:

  • Prints
  • Perfume
  • Cosmetics
  • Gift articles


Because of their stable shape, cardboard boxes are ideal for items of clothing that cannot be creased. They are particularly suitable for:

  • Shirts
  • Ties
  • T-shirts


Stülp boxes are also ideal for products that consist of several small parts, such as:

  • Society games


In addition to the main uses mentioned above, cardboard boxes are also used for other purposes, including:

  • Decoration in shops
  • Display at trade fairs
  • Packaging for customer and employee gifts
  • Packaging for advertising material
  • Shoe boxes

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