Printed hexagonal boxes directly from the manufacturer

The boxes are already an eye-catcher because of their unusual shape. Hexagonal boxes are particularly popular for round products such as bottles, cans, rolls or jars. The boxes are easy to set up. First, the flat body is formed into a hexagonal tube and then the two flaps of the lid flaps are inserted between the dust flaps.

Buy hexagonal boxes and inspire your customers

How can companies stand out from the competition as efficiently as possible? This question is always topical, not only for online shops or retailers. However, it is usually difficult to find a suitable answer. Does it necessarily have to be expensive advertising measures that make the difference in the perception of your target group? Even though this is often assumed, you can position yourself more favourably in the eye of potential customers.Our individually printed hexagonal boxes make this possible.

They already ensure interested glances due to their unique appearance. At the same time, our hexagonal boxes are designed for reliably secure shipping. You can send round quality products such as cans, bottles or glasses to your customers in our packaging, optimally protected. In this way, you not only make a name for yourself as a provider of exceptional marketing ideas. You also show that you care about the satisfaction of your customers from the moment they place their order to the moment they receive your goods.

Why buy hexagonal boxes?

When you buy customisable hexagonal boxes, you enjoy numerous benefits as a quality supplier. You can pass these on directly to your customers as part of the ordering process. After all, our robust hexagonal boxes are easy to set up thanks to their thought-out shape. This not only makes the shipping process noticeably easier for your employees. It also makes it pleasantly easy for your customers to take out the delivered goods.

Furthermore, our robust hexagonal boxes are easy to handle.

In addition, thanks to your hexagonal boxes, you can distinguish yourself from your competitors at first glance. Customers rarely see this geometric shape. If you also have your shipping materials customised by us, the surprise is already successful from a visual point of view. Your marketing idea underlines your image as a unique supplier. The Hexagon box is a real eye-catcher.

Of course you can send your hexagonal boxes as usual. Consequently, you will not incur any additional financial expense. This makes our individual products a sustainable measure to efficiently attract the attention of your customers. Whereby: The supplier of the package will also make eyes at you.

What customers want: Hexagonal boxes and more

The all-round successful customer journey turns buyers into fans. Yet the journey is as unique as each person. But what many companies too often fail to consider are the smaller details like our hexagonal boxes. They make all the difference in the competitive marketplace. Similarly, after-sales is a part of the customer journey that is disproportionately often neglected. This is not only a pity, but also gives away valuable sales potential.

After all, it is no surprise: already satisfied customers are much quicker to place another order with you. In contrast, most companies find it difficult to acquire new customers. For this reason, it makes sense to carefully nurture your existing customers. You can do this with your strong product range and service, but also with the help of our individually printed hexagonal boxes. They form the basis for both secure and exceptionally attractive shipping.

Individually printed hexagonal boxes? The attractive marketing idea in hexagon form!

Purchasing personalised hexagonal boxes is an efficient way to convey your brand message. At the same time, you raise your shipping materials to the next level of attention thanks to the attractive design. They are no longer standardised boxes that your customers will throw away in the paper bin. Instead, your lovingly printed hexagonal boxes become a pencil box, a fruit basket or a practical biscuit box that is used every day ... If that doesn't stick in your memory?

Request your quote now for your box! We will be happy to print your hexagonal boxes with a message that your customers will appreciate on the box.

Possible uses of the hexagonal boxes

Hexagonal boxes are often used for: Olive oil, piccolo, glasses, cups, spray cans

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