Recycled cardboard in brown directly from the manufacturer

Sustainability is on everyone's lips - with a folding box made of 100% recycled cardboard, this topic can be addressed very authentically in the packaging design. Very attractive packaging can also be produced from pure recycled paperboard.

According to the Federal Environment Agency, the use of waste paper in the production of recycled cardboard helps to conserve resources and reduce the amount of waste.

Recycling cardboard in brown: responsibility for the environment

Packaging is playing an increasingly important role in our working and everyday lives. This makes it all the more important to think sustainably when choosing folding boxes. Especially if you order large quantities and pass them on to customers, you show with a recycled cardboard box in brown that you care about ecological connections and future resources. Incidentally, a recycled cardboard box in brown can be printed with the same high quality and impact as the same model in white.

becoming a global player with a recycled cardboard box in brown

When do you play an important role on the big world stage? We think so, when responsible behaviour is expressed even in seemingly small things like packaging. Instead of buying conventionally bleached cardboard boxes, we offer you recycled, environmentally friendly folding boxes. They can also be produced in the shape you require. Depending on what your shipping or packaging goods look like, you decide on an adequate, coherent shape:

  • Plug-in flap boxes
  • Telescope boxes
  • pillow boxes
  • slipcases with inserts
  • bag boxes
  • carry handle boxes
  • hinged boxes

Are there certain goods that are particularly suitable for a recycling box in brown? Yes and no. Yes, because it is coherent when you pack a fairly made wallet or a vegetarian meal in a brown recycled folding box. After all, recycled cardboard in brown is more than just a safe and clean packaging. Recycled packaging is a brand ambassador, whets the appetite for the contents and, at best, underpins anticipation. The more coherent the contents and the packaging, the more convincing your presentation to your customers will be.

At the same time, a recycled cardboard box in brown can also be used in general. This shows that you are aware of ecological findings and requirements. In this way, companies make a targeted contribution to climate-neutral action. Regardless of the content, you are making an exemplary statement: recycled brown cardboard puts paper waste back into the production cycle - visibly and convincingly, thanks to high-quality imprints!

Customise recycled cardboard in brown

Whether you buy conventional folding boxes or recycled cardboard boxes: Printing gives all boxes character and individuality. Customers who buy food to go, a voucher or an accessory are first confronted with the contents via the sleeve. The same applies to pastilles, medicines and cosmetic articles. They all have a visual impact via the shape of the packaging, the material and the lettering. This makes your recycled cardboard in brown a brand ambassador, a link between production, sales and customers.

Creating a harmonious font, colour and logo

First of all, every recycled cardboard box in brown indicates at first glance that it is a recycled product. As such, recycled cardboard scores with likeability. Why? The idea of sustainability has long since arrived in the general consciousness.

Give your recycled cardboard in brown even more personal expression by printing on it: then customers will identify with your product more easily. Let colours speak for themselves, shapes or the interplay of word message, logo and graphics.

We are happy to support you.

We are happy to support you in giving your product the right outfit with discreet or also powerful colouring. Four-colour printing in Euroscale - with cyan, magenta, yellow and black - is the most common variant, allowing you to achieve countless colour tones by layering.

Let all the pages you want appear in a single colour.

Let all sides of your recycling box speak in brown. This is usually an interplay of text, graphics or photo and logo. We will advise you comprehensively on the possible variations so that your recycling cardboard in brown is convincing!

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