Printed carton slipcases directly from the manufacturer

The carton slipcases, also called slipcases with inserts, can be printed all around and are slid over the contents for protection or as an information medium. The carton slipcases are available either open on both sides or can alternatively be closed on one side with a tuck-in bottom or a tuck-in flap.

Customisable carton slipcases

Our easy-to-cover carton slipcases are often used for: Books, suitcases, software or various foodstuffs such as chewing gum, chocolate or coffee. The sturdy carton slipcases not only serve as a protective cover. You receive the carton slipcase to be used for your purposes very individually designed and optimally adapted to your products in terms of size, printing and finishing.

Carton slipcases are versatile

A carton slipcase can serve many purposes at the same time. For example, it can be used as an additional protective cover for a book. Or it can effectively protect other products from unwanted external effects. The carton slipcases, which can be easily slid over their contents and are therefore also known as slipcases, often also individualise existing, neutral outer packaging. Since all four sides can be printed, the printed cardboard slipcase is an ideal advertising medium in a simple way. Thanks to the wide range of design options, a suitably designed slipcase is also ideal for stylish product enhancement.

The cardboard slipcase as attractive outer packaging

Folded flat, the simple packaging system of a carton slipcase proves to be extremely space-saving. In its ideal fit, it can easily be slid over its contents as an unfolded sleeve and still fits so snugly that it won't slip out of place again. If you need your carton slipcase printed, you have a generous advertising space at your disposal. As an alternative to the slipcases that are open on both sides, the carton slipcases are also available with a tuck-in bottom or tuck-in flap closure. The variable options for customising carton slipcases to suit individual product designs make them an attractive outer packaging in every respect.

Customised carton slipcases

In addition to some available standard sizes, you can order your carton slipcase in any individual size dimensions. The carton slipcases are available unprinted as well as with an imprint. Your custom-made cardboard slipcase will be coordinated in all respects with the advertising requirements for the product characteristics. Whether die-cutting, gloss or metallic effect, noble embossed print or a transparent foil window: we will meet all your wishes in this respect. We will be happy to provide you with professional design advice for this and prepare an offer tailored to your personal wishes.

Sample service for our carton slipcases

Before you buy our carton slipcases, you can order free samples in advance. On request, we will first send you finished reference samples for your product so that you can get a concrete idea of the material and appearance. If required, you can also send us your product first, so that we are able to design your custom-made carton slipcase with an absolutely precise fit and harmonious design. If necessary, we will modify the design of the carton slipcase individually step by step until you are satisfied with the final result of the sample. In this way, we first develop the final design for your order.

Buying a carton slipcase made easy

Our professional team will support you from the very beginning in all matters and questions concerning your optimal product packaging. Take advantage of our telephone consultation and discuss with us the important details that matter when you want to buy our affordable and high-quality cardboard slipcases for your product. For the implementation of the carton slipcases in printed form, you will receive a guide for the creation of the print design. If you have any queries about the correct printing specifications, we will help you ad hoc by telephone. From development to delivery, we are happy to help ensure that your customised carton slipcases are well received by you and your customers in every respect.

Possible uses of the carton slipcases

Carton slipcases are often used for: Books, suitcases, software, chewing gum, chocolate, coffee

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