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The eye eats with you. So the customer doesn't want a take-away box that's empty, but lunch boxes with a love of detail. They want their mouths to water at the very first glance. How good that our customised to-go boxes whet their appetite just by looking at them.

Lunch box to suit your taste

There's no doubt about it: tastes are open to debate. It starts with the to-go packaging. Some like their boxes plain, others extravagant. Some people's stomachs growl at a fiery red, others at a discreet beige. But how can you satisfy all tastes? The solution is obvious. With the customisable lunch boxes from Ebro Color, you will meet your customers' tastes.

A colourfully printed to-go box with purist logos and bold slogans suits the hip scene restaurant in Berlin-Mitte best. For the gourmet restaurant, timelessly elegant boxes are recommended. You can't go wrong with a plain print in black, white, anthracite or dark blue. Selected elements in gold or silver also give the packaging a distinguished character. Customers who like something they can touch will be delighted with high-quality cardboard packaging with embossing. The appetite is whetted just by touching it. Would you like a little more shine? Cardboard boxes with fine foil lamination put the finishing touches on the packaging.

Printed folding cartons - for the sake of the environment


Admit it: Takeaways are not exactly a boon to the environment. The many plastic packagings are a heavy burden on nature. We want to change that. Our folding cardboard boxes not only keep to-go dishes warm and fresh, but also take care of the well-being of our planet. We deliberately do without plastic to enable a more environmentally friendly take-away service.

Folding cartons for every meal


Of course we offer our cardboard boxes in different sizes and formats. Because not all to-go meals are the same. A small portion of fries is literally lost in the generous salad box. The reverse is exactly the same problem. The large summer salad feels squeezed into the small fries box. More spacious folding boxes are needed. Conveniently browse our range online and choose your personal desired size.

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