Printed carry handle boxes directly from the manufacturer

Bearer handle boxes are a popular variant for combination packs or as an alternative to the paper bag in the retail trade.

The carrying handle is locked in place by two simple hand grips and is
very stable due to the double thickness of the material. For heavy contents, it is very important to choose the right box. Kraft cartons or cartons with a high weight per unit area are particularly tear-resistant and therefore well-suited for heavy products. In addition, the tear resistance of the carton can be reinforced by a film lamination.


Carry handle boxes are the perfect solution for packaging products of different sizes and shapes. They are suitable for retail or events. We can supply you with carry handle boxes in all sizes, different colours and various cardboard shapes. From as little as 100 pieces, you can get printed carrier bags from us in different designs with insertable or automatic base.

Printed carry handle boxes - individual, distinctive and inexpensive

Design and quality of the packaging reflect the value of a product. A carry handle box with print looks more exclusive than a simple paper bag. Printed in your company's colours or in plain white, with your company's logo or a catchy advertisement, the box with carry handle stands out positively and remains in the memory.

It is suitable for use as a gift box.

It is suitable as combination packaging for several small goods and sets or for a single product. You can choose the right box online. Especially with heavy products, tear resistance and stability are important. We therefore have cardboard with a high grammage and kraft cardboard in stock. Carry handle boxes with film lamination are particularly tear-resistant. Would you like advice on your selection? Contact us online or by phone! We are here for you.

Boxes with carry handle - attractive in white, coloured or printed?

Multi-layered cardboard and the manufacture from one piece ensure the functionality and strength of our carry handle boxes. Noble white has a neutral effect and arouses curiosity. Colours fascinate. Simply design your carry handle box online with us. You can choose material, standard size and colour and decide whether to finish the surface with a matt or high-gloss foil lamination. Upload your own design or coordinate with us by phone.

You would like special dimensions? That is also possible after consultation. We will be happy to share our knowledge and experience with you. You will already notice this in our design of the boxes with carrying handle: The handle can be locked quickly and easily and provides lasting stability. And you can choose between carry handle boxes with a push-in or automatic base.

Intelligent packaging: carry handle boxes with automatic or insertable base

Packaging can become an eyecatcher and advertising medium. Interesting solutions attract the attention of customers, business partners and congress participants. Brochures, sweets, drinks such as wine and sparkling wine or other foodstuffs can be securely presented with carry handle boxes.

The easy-to-fold, robust box bags with handle are given extra support by their design. The carry handle box with automatic bottom features a glued bottom closure. When the box with handle is filled, the folded bottom opens automatically. Packaging is particularly quick.

The carry handle box with push-in bottom is particularly stable, very resilient and impresses with its good stability. There is a flap on each of the 4 sides of the base. When folded inwards, they can easily be hooked into each other and thus lock each other in place.

Advantages of carry handle boxes

You want to present your products or giveaways appealingly and effectively? With us you will find what you are looking for and can design your own individual boxes with carrying handle. The price is particularly favourable, as you can buy carry handle boxes directly from the manufacturer. These 3 advantages have carrying handle boxes:

  • 1. you can customise your boxes with carrying handle at a low price
  • 2. From design to manufacturing with printing, you get everything from one source.
  • 3. you save a lot of time when packing, because it's lightning fast!

For all questions, we are there for you online and by phone! Get in touch. We are looking forward to it!

Closure options for the carry handle boxes

Here could be the various explanations why there are differences here and why. Also what the advantages and disadvantages are in each case. Here you could find the various explanations why there are differences here and why. Also what the advantages and disadvantages are in each case.

Push-in bottom carrying handle box

Robustness and good standing properties characterise the bottom of this carry handle box. The insertable bottom consists of one flap on each of the 4 sides of the bottom opening. These are folded inwards and hooked into each other, so that they lock each other in place.

Carry handle box with automatic bottom

Frequently also called flash bottom or folding bottom. This bottom closure is glued and therefore very stable. Filling the carry handle box is quick and easy because the bottom automatically erects when the folding box is erected. Due to the higher set-up effort, an automatic bottom is only worthwhile from approx. 2,000 units.

Possible uses of the carry handle boxes


  • Toys: The eye-catching design of the boxes makes them ideal for presenting toy items. Parents and children can easily take the product off the shelf and transport it.

  • Wine and Champagne: Carry handle boxes are great for bottled products as they are sturdy and protect the bottles during transport. They can also be designed to carry several bottles at once, making them ideal for gift sets.

food industry

  • Lunch boxes: For schools, Büros or picnics, carry handle boxes are a convenient option. They can be easily carried and stacked, making them especially useful for catering services.

  • Take-away: The carry handles make it easy for customers to transport their orders from restaurants or fast food places to their homes or Büro. Available in a range of sizes, they can hold a variety of foods, from burgers to large salads.


  • Gift wrapping: Due to their attractive appearance and ease of use, carry handle boxes are often a preferred choice for gift wrapping.

  • Tools and household items: The sturdiness of carry handle boxes makes them ideal for transporting heavier items such as tools or electrical equipment.

  • Bürobedarf: They can also be used for transporting Büro items such as paper, pens and other necessities.


As already mentioned, the selection of the right carton is important for heavy contents. Kraft cartons or cartons with a high weight per unit area offer high tear resistance. Additional film lamination can further increase tear resistance and durability while providing a smoother surface for printing designs or logos.

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