Printed six corner trays directly from the manufacturer

The six corner tray is always used when packing has to be very quick but the box still has to be able to be opened from the large side.

The six corner trays are so called because they are glued at 6 points with glue nozzles. Alternatively, there is also the 4-point box. This is basically the same, but without a lid, and is therefore only glued at 4 points with jet glue.

Six corner trays are therefore very popular in fast-food restaurants for hamburgers, sandwiches, sushi or other snacks, as well as in confectioneries for cakes, doughnuts or similar pastries

Six corner trays for more advertising impact

You don't just want to package your product, but want it to have the full attention of your customers? Then choose the six-point hinged boxes from Ebro Color. We explain to you in the following which advantages you enjoy with us as packaging specialists.

Creative packaging: six-point hinged cardboard box

With us, you not only benefit from the best service and many years of box know-how, as we have been on the market since 1925, but also receive your completely individual six corner trays made of cardboard. We will tailor-make your packaging entirely according to your personal ideas. You simply tell us the width, height and depth and select the preferred type of cardboard and colour of the box. You can choose from a large number of different types of cardboard for your box, such as solid board, fine cardboard or 100% recycled cardboard. Furthermore, we can print your six-point hinged boxes made of cardboard individually - inside and out - as well as transform them into real eye-catchers using many other techniques. Discover the right creative packaging at Ebro Color.

Six corner trays: a real eye-catcher with finishing

We can enhance your six corner trays made of cardboard even further in our print shop using state-of-the-art finishing machines. For example, a dirt- and water-repellent film lamination gives your packaging a noble, fine gloss and makes it more durable at the same time. Likewise, a haptically perceptible surface embossing or die-cutting ensures increased attention for your customers. Our design and printing experts will be happy to advise you on how to design your six corner trays creatively and at the same time increase your customers' willingness to buy. It's best to let us know what exactly you want to pack and for what purpose, so that we can choose the best packaging solution together with you. Depending on how heavy the contents of your cardboard six corner trays will be, we will recommend the appropriate type of cardboard. Of course, you will receive a free sample of the six corner trays from us before your purchase.

Use of the six corner trays

Six corner trays, which owe their name to the fact that they are glued together at six points, are mainly used when packaging has to be done quickly. They are also easy to open from the top, from the large side. This is particularly useful for fast-food restaurants for their meals to go, bakeries for cakes and coffee bites, pizza services for their pizzas or companies for their company gifts. It is also possible to include a film window on the top, which gives customers a direct view of the contents. This makes particularly exclusive goods more attractive and more positively perceived by the customer. We offer you many creative design options. Please feel free to take advantage of our consulting service.

Profit with six corner trays

You save money when buying your six corner trays thanks to our special low price, as you order directly from us as the manufacturer. Expensive costs from intermediaries are eliminated in your favour. Furthermore, you buy six-point hinged boxes with ISO qualified quality and FSC certified raw materials, which stand for an environmentally friendly, economical and socially beneficial production. So, Ebro Color stands for: favourable price, many years of know-how, certified quality, creative as well as diverse selection, free samples, individual design and professional advice. What more could you want? Create your favourite six corner trays online with us now, according to your wishes, and gain more customer attention!

Possible uses of the six corner trays

Six corner trays are often used for: Hamburgers, sandwiches, snacks

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