Printing according to process standard offset printing ISO 12647-2

In most cases, we recommend printing in four-colour Euroscale.

The Euroscale colours are cyan, magenta, yellow and black. With these colours, millions of colour nuances can be reproduced by screening and overprinting. For example, colour photos, colour transitions and much more can also be printed.


cmyk print colours


All colours other than the Euroscale colours are spot colours and cause an increase in printing costs. This can make sense, for example, if a particularly bright orange or green is desired that goes beyond the colour space of the Euroscale or if colours are to have a metallic shimmer. For spot colours we need either the colour designation from the Pantone or from the HKS fan.


Pantone colours

Your specialist for offset printing of folding boxes

With our special offset printing for cardboard boxes, we can offer our customers a variety of individual folding boxes. In doing so, we always work as customer-oriented as possible. This means that we produce individual folding boxes in standard sizes even in small quantities

Special finishing requests or 360° printing are no problem at all for us!

No matter which offset printing of folding boxes you need, we are sure to have the solution. With our special process, we can embellish almost any packaging. We offer our customers offset printing for boxes that they often didn't even know existed.

With us, cushion, tuck flap, sleeve, hang-up, slide, pouch, flap, cassette boxes or simply flat bags can be printed with advertising. And that is by no means the complete range of our skills.

Advantages of offset printing folding boxes

The advantage of this process is that various print products can be produced in large runs without compromising on quality. Even the smallest characters are clearly recognisable with the help of our offset printing for folding boxes, even without a magnifying glass.

At the same time, the colours are lightfast and the contours are also particularly sharp. Furthermore, with our offset printing for folding boxes, we can print almost any desired paper format. But that is by no means enough, because even uneven cardboard can be processed without any problems.

This means that our offset printing for folding boxes outstrips even the digital printing process. This is particularly evident in the case of larger requirements. Because the higher the desired number of pieces, the lower the costs for offset printing of folding boxes. Of course, we also pass this on to our customers.

Individual folding boxes from the specialist

Our customers benefit not only from our large selection of customised folding boxes, but also from our many years of expertise.

We provide our customers with advice and support right from the start. This means that we are also happy to give tips on which box is particularly suitable for the project and subsequently prepare a non-binding offer on this basis.

The advantage is obvious. Since our customers buy directly from the manufacturer, they not only get very good quality, but also the best price. Offset printing for folding boxes is therefore particularly worthwhile for large print runs.

The desired packaging can be produced directly from the manufacturer.

You can't find the packaging you want? That's no problem either! Our customer is king and as such he can also write us very individual wishes. We will then take care of the rest.

Maybe a foil window or a special suspension? For us it doesn't matter for which packaging solution an offset printing for folding boxes is requested - we turn your problem into a professional solution! In doing so, we also like to push the limits of what is possible. Our customers are often amazed at what is possible with offset printing for folding boxes.

At the same time, the supposedly simple folding boxes offer our customers enormous added value. They are environmentally friendly and can be assembled very quickly, especially in automated processes. This saves time on the machines and often saves money.

In addition, high-quality offset printing on a carton is a relatively inexpensive advertising space that is guaranteed to be remembered. In times of scarce resources, our business partners greatly appreciate this simple way of retaining customers. You too can easily benefit from it!

If you have any questions on the subject of offset printing of folding boxes, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. You can reach us by phone or email during our business hours.

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