Paper bags directly from the manufacturer

Ebro Color offers paper bags directly from the manufacturer, which guarantees the highest quality and fast delivery times. These paper bags are specially designed for use as gift or product packaging and can be custom-printed.

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What are paper bags

Paper bags are high-quality packaging solutions that are customised according to customer requirements. They are made of robust kraft liner paper with a weight of 200 g/m² as standard, which gives them particular stability and durability. These bags are ideal as gift or product packaging that leaves a lasting impression. They can be customised in different sizes and designs to meet the specific requirements of companies. The paper bags not only offer functional benefits, but also an aesthetically pleasing presentation. Thanks to the modern printing techniques at Ebro Color, the bags can be designed in brilliant colours and with precise details. The bags are also environmentally friendly as they are made from recyclable material. Their versatility makes paper bags a favourite choice for retailers, trade fairs and events. The ability to customise them makes them a valuable marketing tool that helps to increase brand awareness. Overall, paper bags offer a combination of functionality, sustainability and aesthetics that make them an ideal packaging solution for many industries.</p

Customised paper bags

At Ebro Color, paper bags can be produced exactly according to the customer's wishes. The customised design makes it possible to tailor the size, shape and design of the bags precisely to the requirements of the respective company. Regardless of whether special dimensions or special printing requirements are involved, Ebro Color realises the customer's ideas precisely. Customised production enables companies to ensure that their products are optimally packaged and make a professional impression at the same time. This is particularly important for brands that value a consistent and high-quality appearance. Ebro Color's customised paper bags are not only functional, but also an effective marketing tool. They can be printed with logos, slogans and other brand-specific elements to increase brand visibility and recognition. Ebro Color also offers various finishing techniques such as embossing or hot foil stamping, which give the bags a special touch. This makes the customised paper bags an ideal advertising medium that emphasises the quality and uniqueness of the brand. The flexible production also makes it possible to realise smaller runs, which is particularly advantageous for special campaigns or events.

Paper bags in standard sizes from the webshop

Paper bags are available in various standard sizes in the Ebro Color webshop, which makes ordering quick and easy. The standard sizes are designed to meet the most common requirements of various industries. This makes them a practical choice for companies looking for a standardised packaging solution. A particular advantage is that there are no additional mould costs for the standard sizes, which reduces costs for customers. This is particularly attractive for short runs, as it offers a cost-effective solution. Ebro Color currently offers paper bags made of 200 g/m² kraftliner in two different sizes in its webshop. These bags are available for immediate delivery and can be quickly integrated into the production process. The webshop enables customers to place orders around the clock and thus respond flexibly to their needs. The simple navigation and clear product presentation in the web shop make the ordering process even easier. Thanks to the rapid availability and high quality of the standard paper bags, Ebro Color offers a reliable solution for companies that rely on efficient and professional packaging solutions.

Possible uses of the paper bags

Paper bags offer a variety of uses, making them a versatile packaging solution for different industries. Retailers often use them to package products stylishly and securely. Paper bags are also a popular way of presenting promotional materials and giveaways at trade fairs and events. In the food industry, they are ideal for transporting high-quality baked goods, delicacies and other products that require stable and hygienic packaging. Thanks to their robust construction, the bags are also suitable for heavier products. Paper bags can also be custom-printed, making them an effective advertising medium. Companies can have their brand messages, logos and designs printed on the bags to increase brand awareness and leave a lasting impression on customers. Paper bags also offer an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional packaging materials in the e-commerce sector. They are recyclable and therefore help to reduce plastic waste. The versatility of paper bags makes them an attractive choice for companies that value sustainability and quality. Ebro Color also offers customised solutions that are precisely tailored to the customer's requirements.

Paper bags from Ebro Color

Paper bags from Ebro Color stand for quality, versatility and customised design options. As a direct manufacturer, Ebro Color guarantees the highest production standards and fast delivery times. The wide range of possible applications and the option of customised production make paper bags an ideal packaging solution for numerous industries