Printed hanging boxes directly from the manufacturer

For hanging on self-service stands, these printed folding boxes have a stable additional flap in double material thickness with a punched hanging hole. It is important to choose the right material for hanging boxes so that the thickness of the cardboard matches the weight of the contents. The load-bearing capacity of the cardboard can be additionally strengthened by a foil lamination. For larger quantities, there is also the option of gluing on the suspension flap to reduce the amount of finishing work.

Thanks to the hanging boxes, the products are always ready to hand

If you sell your products to end consumers, you should not only present them attractively, but also make it as easy as possible for customers to buy them. With hanging boxes with print you can achieve this goal. These are hung up in a promotionally effective way and a handle is enough to put the product in the shopping trolley. Thanks to the Euro perforation, the hanging boxes fit on any commercially available device. What's more, you can not only rely on us for quality, you even determine the design of the hanging boxes.

Functional and durable - the hanging boxes with Euro perforation

Even hanging boxes with Euro perforations have to be very robust. These packages are taken off the rack again and again and are often hung up again afterwards. For this reason, the Euro perforation should be of high quality. We offer hanging boxes in a wide range of sizes. Therefore, you can place products of all kinds in them. There are also no limits to the design of the packaging, because we print your desired motifs on the hanging boxes.

The hanging boxes with printing are well received in all industries

It almost doesn't matter which industry your company is based in. The hanging boxes can be needed in almost all sectors. Not only do they make a classy impression, they also keep the sales shelf tidy. Thanks to the hanging boxes, you won't find any boxes lying around loose on the floor. Everything is neatly in its place and the prices of the products contained can be clearly seen thanks to the hanging device. The boxes are often used in the counter area, but they can also be found in the intermediate shelves, depending on the product. The hanging boxes can also be folded up. This saves a lot of storage space and thus cash for you.

Enhance your hanging boxes with print

A hanging box looks great and also convinces as packaging from a functional point of view. We offer you high-quality finishing options for the packaging. Through the individual printing, the customer can immediately recognise which product can be found in the box. The corresponding product receives maximum attention through the hanging box and this definitely has a sales-promoting effect. For example, screws, ink cartridges, handicraft utensils and many other products can be stored in it. Even with certain foodstuffs, hanging boxes with Euro perforations are a popular packaging solution.

Hanging boxes made of cardboard can be customised with the motif of your choice

Although the hanging boxes look good in themselves, you can enhance them further. Simply have your desired motif printed on the boxes. Your company logo or name should also be included. In addition, the customer should be given important information about the article contained in the box. The hanging boxes made of cardboard with Euro perforations are usually placed directly at the point of sale and therefore you must attach great importance to the design. The attention for the product is thereby increased and this often stimulates the purchase. With our hanging boxes you make the right choice.

Cardboard hanging boxes are environmentally friendly and easy to order

When you choose a hanging box from our company, you are choosing quality "Made in Germany". In addition, the boxes can be made from 100% recyclable materials. The environment is not burdened and the quality will convince you.

Closure options for the hanging boxes

Here could be the various explanations why there are differences here and why. Also what the advantages and disadvantages are in each case. Here you could find the various explanations why there are differences here and why. Also what the advantages and disadvantages are in each case.

Insert flap with locking slots

The main flap of the hanging box has a notch on the front edge on both sides. These slots then lock onto the side dust flaps when closed. This variant represents a very good compromise between aesthetics and functionality.

Hanging box with plug-in bottom

Robustness and good standing properties characterise the bottom of this hanging box. The insertable bottom consists of one flap on each of the 4 sides of the bottom opening. These are folded inwards and hooked into each other, so that they lock each other in place.

Hanging box with automatic bottom

Frequently also called lightning bottom or folding bottom. This bottom closure is glued and therefore very stable. Filling the hanging ­box is quick and easy, as the bottom automatically erects when the folding box is erected. Due to the higher set-up effort, an automatic bottom is only worthwhile from approx. 2,000 units.

Possible uses of the hanging boxes

Suspension cartons, often known as blister or carton packaging with a suspension device, are widely used in various industries. The hang-up flap makes them ideal for presentation in retail, especially at so-called self-service counters (SB counters). Here are some of the applications and sectors in which retractable boxes are used:


Suspension boxes are ideal for ink cartridges as they allow for a clear display of product information while keeping the cartridge itself safe.


Available in a wide range of applications.


CDs, DVDs or USB sticks containing software can be safely and neatly packed in retractable boxes. The flap makes it possible to present the software at eye level, which increases visibility.


Suspension boxes work well for playing cards because they are sturdy enough to support the weight of the deck, while compact enough not to take up much space in retail stores.


Label rolls or sheets can be packaged in hang-up boxes that allow the customer to see the product while understanding how many labels are included.


Smaller electronic items such as USB chargers, headphones or memory cards can be packed in these boxes. Here it is especially important that the material of the box is strong enough to support the weight of the product.


  • Cosmetics: Samples or smaller products can be presented in this way
  • Office supplies: small parts such as staplers, staplers or glue sticks
  • Food: Sometimes snacks or sweets are also packed in take-up boxes.


  1. Visibility: Due to the suspension at eye level, the products are more visible
  2. Saving space: They take up less floor space in retail stores.
  3. Information: The box offers enough space for product information, barcodes etc.
  4. Safety: The packaging is usually robust and protects the product.

Additional customisations

  • Material selection: Depending on the weight of the product, the material thickness can be adjusted.
  • Foil lamination: Not only improves the load-bearing capacity, but can also improve the appearance.
  • Adhered lifting flap: In large quantities, this method can reduce the finishing effort.

These multiple applications and customisation options make hang-on cartons a highly flexible packaging solution for a wide range of products.

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