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Individual boxes can make all the difference. If you want to stand out from the standard, this can be done through the shape as well as the material. There are various types of material to choose from. You can discover many of them on our website. Feel free to contact us with your individual wishes.

Ordering customised cardboard boxes in high quality


If you ship things very frequently in your business, you need a large quantity of practical boxes that are well suited for shipping, are sturdy and fold easily. Especially if your company regularly makes shipments to customers or partners, you need good shipping material. Of course, these boxes should first and foremost impress with their high quality and ease of handling. Furthermore, it is of great advantage in terms of the environment if the shipping material is sustainable and environmentally friendly. However, it is particularly nice if the boxes are not only high quality and environmentally friendly, but also look appealing. We offer a wide range of different boxes that you can purchase in various sizes, shapes and colours. Among our special offers, which you can order in different quantities, are customised cardboard boxes.


Personal touch with customised boxes

With us, you have the great opportunity to have your shipping boxes individually printed. In this way, you give your packages a personal touch that will go down particularly well with both your customers and your partners. Whether folding boxes or folding cartons, large or small - we offer you numerous options that you can have printed entirely according to your personal wishes to obtain customised boxes. All types of folding boxes can be printed all around, so there are no limits to your creativity.

Create recognition with a customised carton


A customised box is perfect for ensuring that your company is remembered positively and for a long time by your customers and partners. A visually appealing carton makes a good impression at first glance. In this way, the recognition value of your company is increased along the way, making customised boxes an effective form of advertising.


Perfect for promotional gifts

Customised boxes are an excellent option when you are looking for suitable packaging for promotional gifts due to their clever advertising character. If you want to give a promotional gift to your partners, customers or potential future allies, customised boxes are an additional advertisement. In addition, you always create a particularly professional and trustworthy impression with customised boxes.

Numerous options for personalisation

We offer you many exceptional options for customising your boxes. For example, you can have the folding boxes and other types of packaging printed on all sides with any colours and can order both different motifs and logos or slogans of your choice from us. As a result, you get customised boxes perfectly adapted to your wishes, which can represent your company wonderfully.

High-quality prints and great colours

We only use high-quality materials for the customised boxes as well as excellent colours that look good for a long time. This way, the motifs and slogans you choose are presented in attractive colours so that they leave a positive impression on your customers. Furthermore, we offer you the option of choosing additional finishing effects for the packaging. This way, the motifs and the writing look even better and of higher quality. The noble effects and the personal motifs will undoubtedly impress your customers and your partners and thus cleverly strengthen your brand.

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