Printed three-sided display directly from the manufacturer

The three-sided stands are delivered lying flat and can be set up with a few simple movements.

The triangular stand made of cardboard boxes simply stands out


You want to market a product effectively or point out a special feature to your customers and business partners? Then you should ensure clear messages. But how can these messages be conveyed in a memorable yet affordable way? Quite simple: with a triangular stand made of cardboard. The triangular stand can be ordered in a wide variety of versions and is definitely not to be overlooked. It is suitable for indoor use, but can also be set up outdoors in dry weather. Not only can you use it to bring certain offers to the attention of a wide audience, you can also use the triangular stands made of cardboard as information signs. This way, for example, your customers will immediately find the right department in your company.

A high-quality triangular stand made of cardboard "Made in Germany"


We manufacture our products ourselves and so you can rely on the quality. The triangular stand made of cardboard is very robust and designed for long use. Nevertheless, it is very easy to dispose of compared to conventional triangular stands. It is made of cardboard. This is environmentally friendly and the triangular stand is also affordable. There are no limits to your design. You can easily realise your design wishes. Day after day, we see triangular stands in our everyday lives and they often remain in our memories. They are used especially for special offers, because without the corresponding advertising measure, no one would notice anything about an offer. The triangular stand made of cardboard takes over this task and so the sales of your company can definitely be increased with the help of the triangular stand made of cardboard.

Advertising? Quick and easy with the cardboard triangular stand


If you want to achieve an enormous advertising effect in a short time, then the triangular stand made of cardboard is the ideal solution. It is ready for immediate use and can be set up in just a few seconds. This means you can start beating the advertising drum for your desired product straight away. The triangular stand made of cardboard makes you extremely flexible and allows you to react to certain events at short notice. When the triangular stand has actually reached the end of its useful life, it can simply be disposed of in the usual paper waste bin. So you can order the triangular stand without hesitation and design it yourself according to your wishes. You will be delighted with the result.

Which design do you choose for the triangular stand made of cardboard?

When you buy a triangular stand from us, you have the design in your own hands. For example, you could place your company's logo on the triangle stand. If you want to advertise a certain offer, then the corresponding product should be placed with an appropriate description. Possible prices may also be printed on the stand to make the product accessible to the customer. If you use the triangular stand as an information sign, make sure that the lettering is clear and easily recognisable. Decide now on the triangle stand made of cardboard and look forward to the advertising effectiveness of this high-quality product.

The triangle stand made of cardboard can be ordered online


If you own a business, then you want to process your order quickly and easily. With this, you are at the right address. You can order your triangular cardboard stand online with just a few clicks. Simply select the desired product from our stock and specify the design. We are also happy to supply you with larger quantities, as the triangular stands made of cardboard are folded and do not require much storage space. Simply contact us if you have any questions about our products.

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