A core of quality and elegance is at the heart of every high-quality packaging. Ebro Color offers high-quality covered boxes and packaging and stands for creativity in form and material.

Inverted boxes: Functional elegance in many sizes

A box is not just a box. Especially in the world of <b>telescope boxes</b>, there is an incredible variety. This packaging can be produced in almost any conceivable shape and individually adapted to products. With a range of sizes to accommodate any project, the possibilities are virtually endless. Probably the most famous covered box these days is Apple's packaging for the iPhone. In combination with matching cardboard inserts made to measure, from Ebro Color's production, coated boxes can be used excellently for high-value products such as premium electronic items or jewellery.

Packaging that measures up

Ebro Color packaging is not only visually appealing, but also functional. Every single box is made to measure, whether it's for an iPhone, jewellery or any other product you can think of. Each piece in this collection is a perfect interplay of stability and elegance.

Faltschachteln: Die flexible Alternative zu überzogenen Schachteln

Faltschachteln stellen eine ausgezeichnete Alternative zu überzogenen Schachteln dar, da sie eine hohe Flexibilität und Anpassungsfähigkeit bieten. Mit ihren vielseitigen Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten können sie genau auf den spezifischen Bedarf eines Produktes zugeschnitten werden. Sie bieten eine hervorragende Balance zwischen Schutz und Präsentation, da sie aus stabilen Materialien gefertigt und trotzdem leicht zu öffnen sind. Obwohl sie äußerst robust sind, können Faltschachteln flach geliefert und bei Bedarf einfach aufgestellt werden, was sowohl Lager- als auch Versandkosten erheblich reduziert. Außerdem bieten sie vielfältige Möglichkeiten für die Gestaltung und Veredelung, um den Markenauftritt zu stärken und den Wiedererkennungswert zu erhöhen. Ebro Color bietet eine breite Palette von Faltschachteln, die nicht nur funktional, sondern auch ästhetisch ansprechend sind.

Überzogene Schachteln für Spiele: Perfekte Verpackung trifft auf perfekten Spaß

Für Spiele sind überzogene Schachteln die ideale Verpackungslösung, um sowohl Schutz als auch Stil zu gewährleisten. They offer a durable and attractive packaging option that both keeps the game material safe and highlights the visual identity of the game. Thanks to the wide range of sizes, shapes and finishes offered by Ebro Color, game manufacturers can be sure that their products will stand out in the marketplace. With a UV varnish or hot foil stamping, the game logo or title is highlighted and the gaming experience begins right out of the box. Each box is custom made to hold the game pieces securely while providing a comfortable handling experience. Covered boxes for games are more than just packaging - they are part of the overall experience.

High-quality materials for covered boxes

The base of every Ebro Color covered box is a sturdy grey board. This material provides support and strength and forms the foundation for the finishing. Paper is then laminated onto the grey board and can be finished with UV varnish or hot foil stamping if desired. This foil lamination gives the box a noble appearance and protects the packaging at the same time.

Gift packaging that will be remembered

Whether as gift packaging or for high-quality products, the coated boxes from Ebro Color always make an excellent impression. With your own logo or a customised design on the lid of the box, every product becomes a high-quality brand message.

Quality and high-quality materials

Ebro Color stands for quality - this is reflected in the materials used and the perfect finish. The choice is yours - in terms of material, size and finishing. All options are available and offer a wealth of possibilities for your individual project.

Questions? Contact us!

If you have any questions or would like a specific quote, the Ebro Color team is always available to help. Simply send an email and you will receive a prompt reply.

Every box, every design and every finishing tells a story. Let Ebro Color be a part of your story and choose quality and elegance.

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