Have your cake boxes printed: Packaging with your own logo

Cake boxes are ideal for giving away or transporting. After all, there is hardly a festive occasion when cake and pie do not end up on the plate. With us, you get cake packaging directly from the manufacturer and can thus rely on the impressive quality. For individualisation, it is even possible to print your cake boxes. With your own logo or an unusual design, you can create something very special. Let our cake boxes inspire you too.

Buy a cake box: Customised packaging for food

Cardboard is considered an all-rounder when it comes to packaging delicate food. For example, the material of the cake box is not only odourless and tasteless. It also offers the necessary stability to transport cakes and other desserts over a long distance. This goes hand in hand with a low dead weight, making storage and transport child's play. Professionally manufactured cake boxes provide optimum protection for your delicacies.

After use, a cake box can be recycled without any effort. Disposing of it in the waste paper is enough for this. Cardboard thus proves to be an environmentally friendly material that is obtained from a renewable raw material and can be reused for the most part. So that you too can contribute to waste reduction, you should order cake boxes in the right size. We make your food packaging to measure and thus match it to the contents. Cake boxes in high, small boxes or custom-made - with us you will find exactly the packaging you are looking for.

Cake box with logo for all occasions

Your cake boxes are available from us in two designs. The plain, single-colour look is perfect for inexpensive storage and transport of cakes, cupcakes and the like. On the other hand, cake boxes with logos are ideal for creating recognition value. Thanks to our modern production processes, we offer the highest quality in both variants.

Printed cake boxes have the distinct advantage of standing out from the rest. If you want to build your own brand, they are just the thing. Customers will always remember you and your products if you pack your cakes in boxes with logos in future. But clever slogans or individual designs also come across well on the fully printable cake packaging.

Our team will advise you on all design and printing issues, guaranteeing the highest level of quality. On request, we can also finish your cake box to create even more elegance and class. Let yourself be inspired by the effect of printed cake boxes on your brand awareness and order your individually designed food packaging.

Buy cake boxes: Tailor-made solutions for cake shops

Cakes created with love are much more than a simple dish. Visually, they are reminiscent of a work of art that has taken many hours of work to make it what it is. Beautifully designed treats receive the right packaging with our cake box.

This makes us the ideal partner for bakeries and confectioners. You can obtain professionally produced cake boxes directly from the manufacturer and thus have direct influence on dimensions, material and design. We will be happy to put together an individual offer for your cake packaging.

Cake box high: free sample for testing

As specialists for packaging solutions, we know exactly what requirements high-quality cake boxes have to meet. For this reason, many customers have already placed their trust in our experience and have thus been able to be supplied with professional packaging solutions.

Cake boxes in your desired size are available from us at a special price. First-class packaging helps to strengthen your logistics and optimise your processes. We will be happy to advise you on our products and find the best solution for your company. As a foretaste, we will send you a free sample of our cake boxes to test on request.

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