French fries are a popular snack worldwide. The right packaging plays a crucial role in the overall experience. Ebro Color has taken on this challenge and presents the cardboard French fries bag - a combination of practicality, design and quality.

Functional Design: The French Fries Bag

The French fries bag by Ebro Color takes its inspiration from the classic shape of a school cone or sugar cone. This unique and functional design makes it easy to fill and remove fries while preventing spills. The French fries bag thus offers a new, practical format that stands out pleasantly from conventional French fries boxes.

Sustainability meets quality: the cardboard of the French fries bag

Ebro Colors French fries bag is made of high-quality, coated kraft cardboard with a grammage of 200 grams. This material not only ensures the bag's stability and durability, but also underlines Ebro Colors' commitment to sustainability and environmental awareness. This makes the French fries bag an environmentally friendly and high-quality choice for any catering establishment.

Individuality and safety: printing with food-safe ink

One of the outstanding aspects of the French fries bag is the possibility for individual design. Customers can have their logo, motifs or special designs printed on the bag, which helps to strengthen the brand identity and set it apart from the competition. In the process, Ebro Color uses only food-safe ink to ensure the safety of end consumers.

Pommers Frittes bag with print
Pommers Frittes bag with print

Sponsorship opportunities: Printing for clubs

Ebro Colors French fries bag also offers an excellent platform for sponsorship activities. Clubs and other organisations can have the bags printed with their logo or promotional messages to increase their presence at events, tournaments or festivals. The bags can also serve as a promotional tool for sponsors who want to present their brands in an attractive and effective way. Whether it's a local football tournament, a music festival or a community event, the custom printed fries bag will turn every serving of fries into a memorable experience that goes beyond the culinary treat.

Individualisation for kiosks, snack bars and food trucks: the printed fries bag

The French fries bag from Ebro Color also opens up new possibilities for kiosks, snack bars and food trucks. With the option to custom print the bag, these businesses can effectively highlight their brand and clearly position themselves in the competitive street food market. Whether it's with the kiosk's logo, the snack bar's slogan or the food truck's distinctive design, the French fry bag offers an effective way to increase the visibility of one's business and personalise the customer experience.

In addition, the printed bag offers the opportunity to present the company's history or special offers and promotions. This turns the bag into a portable billboard that not only encourages customers to buy fries, but also invites them to interact with the brand. For every print, Ebro Color uses food-safe ink to ensure customer safety. In this way, the printed French fries bag combines innovative marketing strategies with high standards of quality and safety.

A striking presence at trade fairs and events: the French fries bag

Ebro Colors French fries bag is also an ideal companion for trade fairs and events. At these events, where there are often many different foods and snacks on offer, the individually printed bag helps to stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of visitors. Whether with the company logo, the slogan of the trade fair or special event-related motifs - the printed French fries bag quickly becomes an eye-catcher that arouses curiosity and becomes a topic of conversation.

But the French fries bag is not only an eye-catching promotional item, it is also a practical utensil. Its robust construction and thoughtful design allow visitors to conveniently carry and enjoy their fries as they move around the event site. In this way, the Ebro Color fries bag helps to further enhance the positive experience at the trade show or event.

Various applications: The French Fries Bag

The French fries bag from Ebro Color opens up a wide range of possible applications. In addition to its use in snack bars, food trucks, at trade fairs and events, other exciting areas of application can also be found.

Concerts and festivals

At music events, where quick and convenient snacks are in demand, the French fries bag is an excellent option. Printed with band logos or event branding, it becomes a coveted collector's item and a living reminder of a special experience.

Sports venues

In sports venues, from football stadiums to small sports clubs, the French fries bag makes for quick and delicious catering. Printed with the logo of the club or team, it strengthens fan loyalty and adds to the atmosphere.

Schools and universities

In schools and universities, the fries bag can help spice up the catering offering and create a consistent branding line. It's great for events such as school parties, graduations or university events

Corporate events

At corporate events, conferences or team-building events, french fries bags with the company logo or slogan can strengthen team spirit and contribute to a positive mood.

Charity events

For charity or fundraising events, the fries bag can be used to raise awareness for the cause while providing a nutritious meal

With its versatility, practical design and customisation options, the Ebro Color French Fry Bag can be used almost anywhere French fries are served.


The French fries bag from Ebro Color is made of robust 200g/m² coated kraft cardboard and offers optimum stability and quality. Thanks to its characteristic pointed bag shape, it is ideal for handling and eating French fries.

The highlight of this French fries bag, however, is its individual printing. Whether with a company logo, club emblem or special advertising messages - the bag offers an excellent platform for visibility and branding. So it can be used in a variety of contexts, from snack bars, food trucks, festivals, fairs, sports venues, to corporate events and charity campaigns. All the while, the use of food-safe ink ensures the highest standards of safety.

With its combination of practicality, quality, and customisability, the Ebro Color French Fries bag represents the modern state of packaging technology. It delivers an effective solution to the diverse demands of food packaging while contributing to a memorable customer experience.

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