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You often have something to send and therefore want a visually appealing packaging material? Then you will be thrilled with our shipping boxes in different sizes and thicknesses. Our products are eminently customisable, so your cardboard boxes are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.

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The following machines for processing cardboard are available to us:
printing machines, die-cutting machines, cutting machines, folding box gluing machines, window gluing machines, paper drills and corner rounding machines.

Printed shipping boxes direct from the manufacturer

Buy postal boxes

Folding boxes are usually used for lighter products. They offer good stability and you can divide them flexibly.

More info on our postal boxes.

Order corrugated shipping cartons

Corrugated cardboard shipping boxes are your choice if you have medium to heavy items to ship. They are the standard in the online shop sector. Due to their corrugated structure, they have a particularly high stability.

More info on our corrugated cardboard boxes for shipping.

Buy shipping bags

You have rather smaller items to send, maybe even documents that fit well in a mailing bag? Then you'll love our custom printable mailing bags. They serve a good brand building purpose when you want to send small and flat products.

More info on our mailing bags.

Order corrugated boxes

Large and heavy contents fit perfectly into our corrugated cardboard boxes. Here, the plug-in closure is no longer sufficient. Instead, the closure is made by an adhesive tape.

More info on our corrugated cardboard shipping boxes.

Why ebro color?

The fact is: More and more people are ordering their goods online and with so many cardboard boxes going into shipping every day, it makes perfect sense that you stand out with a visual highlight. The keyword branding does not stop at the area of cardboard boxes. Individual shapes are not a sensible option in shipping for the delivery of products. That would drive up costs unnecessarily.

That's why we have a wide range of machines available for processing cardboard boxes for your order.

  • Printing: Let us print your cardboard boxes individually. For the cardboard boxes, you have 6 outer sides and 4 inner sides at your disposal. If you then also print the bottom with an individual message or additional information, you will stand out directly from the crowd. Think about the message "Thank you for your order" or a reference to other articles from your shop. Such small visual highlights have a great meaning for your customers beyond the contents of the package.

  • Punch and cut: Finish your shipping box with a high-quality embossed logo or a special haptic effect. A cardboard box designed in this way is also guaranteed to be remembered in the mass of daily mail.

  • Paste in windows and round off corners: If the address is easy to read - which you can show in the address window - your package will also arrive safely at the customer's home. Rounded corners not only make a great visual impression. Handling the goods is also more pleasant.

High quality cardboard boxes for your mailings

With us, you order directly from the manufacturer - so there is no need for expensive intermediaries. If you are not yet one hundred percent sure which of our variants is right for you and your use, simply ask for samples or contact us.