Flexible shipping bags from Ebro Color

For the flexible shipping bags, we recommend a sturdy kraft cardboard in 200 g/m² with high tear strength. However, other materials can be used depending on your needs and specific application. The gusset allows the contents to be positioned flexibly or to have different heights. At the tear flap, the mailing envelopes are equipped with a self-adhesive strip so that the flap can be closed ready for dispatch in just a few steps. In addition, a separate self-adhesive strip can be attached for return shipment. There are many options for your individual shipping envelopes Mailing envelopes made of kraft paper: ideal as packaging and for shipping and for saving on shipping costs. It's not easy to find packaging that is strong and environmentally friendly, flexible, suitable for shipping and individual at the same time. Individually printed shipping bags made of kraft paper can be the solution.

What are flexible mailing bags?

Flexible shipping bags can be produced in various sizes. We focus precisely on the needs of the customer and their products. We can produce standard formats such as Din c4, as well as individual dimensions to the millimetre according to your own measurements. If you need advice regarding the dimensions, please contact us. Folded envelopes are very space-saving because they can be delivered flat. Nevertheless, goods and products with a certain height can be packed in the paper envelopes. The flexible side gussets can also save filling material.

Practical adhesive flap with adhesive strip

The flexible gusseted mailing bag has a practical adhesive flap with adhesive strip. This is particularly attractive for using the practical paper bags as shipping packaging, but also makes it brilliantly easy to use them as sustainable product packaging. We recommend high-quality kraft paper with a basis weight of 200 g per square metre for the practical flexible cardboard shipping bag. Kraft cardboard is a particularly stable type of paper. Kraft cardboard consists mainly of cellulose fibres. These interlock during production and thus ensure high tear strength. No fillers are used, only starch, alum and glue are added.

This is why you should buy the flexible shipping bag

The flexible shipping bags made of kraft paper are made from renewable raw materials. Thus, due to the raw material paper, these mailing bags are sustainable and recyclable, which has a positive impact on the ecological footprint. Each kraft paper envelope folds completely flat. Therefore, the mailing bags take up little space both before and after use. In addition, the flexible kraft paper mailing bag saves weight. This pays off when the cardboard bag is used for shipping, for example. Due to the lower weight of the kraft cardboard of the shipping bag, the postage can be lower. Suitably decorated, printed with a motif or even plain: the kraft cardboard bags are suitable as decorative gift packaging or also as product packaging, especially in e-commerce. An individual print of the highest quality on the shipping bags makes the shipment an absolute eye-catcher.

Professional and Individual Paper Bag

Whether it's sending an online order or a promotional mailing. The printed shipping packaging looks professional and individual at the same time. In this way, the paper mailing bag becomes a direct advertising medium. Unlike the usual foil bags or cardboard packaging, the cardboard shipping bag is stable and protects the contents from pressure and stress even during shipping. The packaging looks good in use and serves to protect the product. Your shipments can be sent without any problems. This packaging material is especially suitable for packaging books, documents, stationery, photo albums, office supplies and other flat goods especially also textiles and products made of flexible material.

The product can simply be inserted into the closure and sealed on the side of the closure. This way of shipping goods is an alternative to boxes. Handling the box bags is child's play: when the recipient receives the goods, he or she can conveniently open them with the tear-off fastener. If required, the sturdy box bags can also be made to measure (length x width x height). If you need help with this, simply contact our customer service by e-mail or telephone.

What are the options for designing the gusseted shipping bag yourself?

If you want to print the bags on the surface, first define the appropriate size for the shipping bag. Then choose whether you want to finish the paper bags in one colour or with a high-quality colour print. The print can be done on all sides (all around). The price for the single copy depends of course on the print run. Logos, texts or graphics can be placed in the desired quality and size. It is also possible to integrate a window into the envelope. Paper envelopes without film and plastic are not only environmentally friendly because of their sustainability. These practical paper bags offer a variety of uses. Another plus of the paper bags is the possible individual design. The shipping bags can be printed easily and effectively.

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