Printed flat bags directly from the manufacturer

Flat bags are cardboard packaging for flat items that you can have individually printed with your design. The flat bags are produced with a closure flap on the top as standard, but this can also be omitted so that the box bag is open on one side. For hanging on self-service stands, the box bags are often additionally equipped with a Euro hole on the closure flap.

The printed flat bags as a chic packaging solution

The search for attractive packaging solutions costs a lot of time. In addition, the packaging should ideally also look good and be robust. The whole thing also has to remain affordable, especially when ordering larger quantities. But how can these goals be achieved? With our flat bags. The flat bags made of paper do not take up much space, even when purchased in large quantities, so you can react quickly when you want to package larger quantities of your products. The flat bags made of kraft paper are extremely robust and available in various sizes.

The flat bags cardboard is made of high-quality materials

You can rely on the quality of our flat bags, as they are made in Germany. Here, the slogan "Made in Germany" really still says it all. For example, the so-called fresh fibre cardboard is used for the packaging of food. This means that the aroma of the food is not lost. The flat bags are very robust and that is especially important when packaging food. Get our flat bags now at an attractive price.

How do you want the flat bags to be printed?

You want to choose a flat bag that stands out with its unique design? Then simply design the flat bags yourself. When you buy your flat bags from us, you have the design in your own hands. If you run a business yourself, then printing your company logo is a natural choice. We put your logo in the best possible light and the strong colours on the flat bags ensure an excellent advertising effect. The flat bags are sure to be used again and again, which means that your logo will also be seen frequently. But you can also immortalise great sayings when printing on flat bags. When you buy a flat bag, you have many options for design.

When the flat bag is printed, then the corresponding product is set in scene

Even high quality products require appealing and durable packaging. If you buy our pouches in this respect, you are doing everything right. The flat bags cardboard is hard-wearing and available in various sizes. The flat bag is always in demand as packaging in sales. The demand for durable packaging has also increased in recent years. That is why flat bags made of paper are also very popular. The quality of the product is convincing in every respect.

The flat bags are available in different sizes

Every product is different and when you choose a flat bag made of kraft paper for packaging, you don't want to compromise. That's why we can offer you the flat bags in different sizes. So you can look forward to maximum flexibility. If the flat bags are printed, then the design is sure to delight you. You can be proud of your flat bags made of cardboard and your customers and business partners will also appreciate the quality of the flat bags.

Buying flat bags is child's play

You have decided to purchase our flat bags? Then ordering works completely online. It only takes a few clicks to get to the product you want. Once you have placed your order, the flat bags made of paper will be printed and delivered to you. If you have any questions before ordering, just contact us. We will be happy to help you and together we will find the right product for your purposes. When you buy the flat bags made of kraft paper, you are relying on packaging of the highest quality.

Possible uses of the flat bags

Flat bags are a versatile option for packaging and offer numerous uses in a variety of industries.

Here are some of the most common applications:


Flat bags are ideal for packaging rolls or sheets of labels. The bags can be specially sized to accommodate different label sizes and shapes.Because they can be custom printed, they provide an excellent opportunity to communicate brand messages while keeping contents safe and clean.


Adhesive dots, often available in a variety of sizes and colours, can be easily packaged in flat bags.This packaging option not only keeps storage organised, but also allows for easier handling and use. With the option of adding a retail euro hole, these glue dots can be easily displayed in shops.


For school supplies such as rulers, flat bags offer a practical and attractive packaging solution. The bags can be designed to accurately accommodate the length of the ruler and printed with educational or promotional information.Overall, flat bags offer a flexible, customisable and often environmentally friendly packaging solution for a wide range of products.

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