UV spot varnish directly from the manufacturer

High layer thicknesses can be applied in the screen printing process. This makes it possible, for example, to create highly glossy spot coatings that can also be felt haptically.

This partial effect is especially beautiful on matt surfaces.

Spot coating: perfect for effectively finishing individual cartons

A standard-sized carton is not always the right solution for your product, sometimes it just has to be something special. EBRU COLOR is your professional partner when it comes to individual cartons with high attention value. We provide you with customised cartons that stand out from the crowd due to their attractiveness and provide optimum protection for your products. With customised packaging, you also enjoy the advantage that it fits precisely and the shipped goods do not slip back and forth. This saves you filling material and costs. Of course, you can have us print packaging that is customised to the product. In addition, several finishing options are available to you.

Sport lacquering cardboard: Boring cardboard boxes don't have to be

When it comes to creative packaging solutions, high-quality finishes such as spot varnishing cardboard are indispensable. This part finishing is guaranteed to produce aha effects and also makes you more attractive as a shipper. Spot varnishing cardboard lives from the contrast between varnished and unvarnished areas. It creates brilliant colour effects and gives individual cartons an unusual touch. The spot varnish itself also has many advantages, because it consists of solid particles. Water and solvents are not needed, which makes spot varnishing environmentally friendly. During the UV curing process, a chemical reaction takes place and a wafer-thin plastic layer is formed. It can be matt or glossy and is applied with a roller as a thin film. Due to its composition and UV curing, the drying time of spot varnish is very short.

Transparent high-gloss areas for individual cartons

UV spot varnish is a water-based varnish system that can be used to create wonderful optical effects. With a partial UV coating, transparent high-gloss varnish is applied only to very specific areas of individual cartons. Spot varnish increases the luminosity of the colours and makes them look much more intense. UV curing also makes customised cartons more durable and scratch-resistant. Thanks to the fast curing, the printed product can be processed directly in the press. Interesting haptic effects can also be created with a spot varnish carton.

Spot varnishing also makes customised cartons more durable

In addition to visual appeal, cardboard boxes are subject to high demands in terms of durability, abrasion resistance and protection. Whether surface or spot varnishing cardboard, with our state-of-the-art equipment we at EBRU COLOR can apply primer and special coatings to a wide variety of materials and individual cardboard boxes. UV spot varnishing works on very thin paper as well as on plastic and strong cardboard. However, the spot varnish used is not suitable for uncoated cartons, as it would run partially due to the absorbency of the paper.

Individual cartons make customers' hearts beat faster

When it comes to online shopping, the cardboard box plays a very important role, because customers and clients could not take the ordered goods in their hands and examine them. So it is a very exciting moment when the carton is delivered and can finally be opened. With our printing solutions, we create much more emotional moments that make you as a supplier much more memorable. There are various printing methods to choose from for printing. Which one is most suitable depends on the size of the box, the material and the run length. With a finish, you not only make the box more elegant, you also optimise the shopping experience for your customers.

Would you like to learn more about the effect of spot varnishing? We would be happy to show you examples of successful finishes for our customers. If you send us a sample of your goods, we can also make suggestions for individual boxes. We look forward to your call.

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