Printing according to your individual idea

The cardboard displays presented here offer only a small selection of the possibilities we have with cardboard. We would be happy to work with you to develop a customised solution for your product or your individual wishes

Printing according to process standard offset printing ISO 12647-2

Printing on the folding boxes

The folding boxes can be printed with logos, graphics, photos, texts and much more.

In most cases, we recommend printing in four-colour Euroscale.

The Euroscale colours are cyan, magenta, yellow and black. With these colours, millions of colour nuances can be reproduced by screening and overprinting. For example, colour photos, colour transitions and much more can be printed.

All colours other than the Euroscale colours are special colours and cause an increase in printing costs. This can make sense, for example, if a particularly bright orange or green is desired that goes beyond the colour space of the Euroscale or if colours should have a metallic shimmer. For spot colours, we need either the colour designation from the Pantone or from the HKS range.

More success through higher attention: print on cardboard

Are you looking for innovative cartons to package and ship your product? You want to achieve maximum attention by having your carton printed? Then you've come to the right place at Ebro Color. Because we create individual as well as creative carton solutions with which you can increase your advertising effectiveness. We will show you how.

Printing on cardboard in countless variations

With us, you can choose from a huge range of display stands, cardboard boxes and folding boxes in a wide variety of types, such as solid cardboard, fine cardboard or recycled cardboard, with dividers or cardboard inserts on request. Furthermore, you can choose from a wide variety of shapes such as folding, tuck-in, cushion or sliding boxes and much more, in countless sizes or individually made to measure. Finally, your choice becomes unique when we print your box entirely according to your wishes.

Finishing your cardboard box in our print shop

Your chosen product will be upgraded in a promotionally effective way when we refine your cardboard box in the print shop using high-quality printing processes. We apply your texts - be it advertising messages, a thank-you text or other information - individually, both on the outside and inside of the box. There are no limits to your creativity. Another highlight is our foil lamination, where we first print the cardboard and then apply a very special foil. Furthermore, we can print your chosen folding box and additionally enhance it with die-cuts or exclusive surface embossing as a haptic highlight, such as the application of your company logo. We will be happy to provide you with a PDF containing a die-cutting sketch for your print design.

Advantages of foil lamination of the cardboard

By foil laminating the cardboard, your packaging or display not only looks much classier, but is also better protected. The material is more robust and less susceptible to water or scratches. You can choose between a matt, glossy or soft-touch film lamination. While the matt film lamination of the cardboard is more inconspicuous, the glossy one reflects the light beautifully. This makes the printed colours stand out better and your box looks even more sophisticated. This in turn enhances the advertising intensity of your product.

Printing on folding boxes is particularly inexpensive

With folding box printing as well as with all other variants of finishing your cardboard in the print shop, you benefit as a customer from our particularly favourable price. This is because you buy directly from us as the manufacturer and save yourself expensive middlemen. Furthermore, you benefit from our ISO qualified quality and many years of experience, as we have been established on the market since 1925.

Your advantages with Ebro Color at a glance

  • Favourable price, as directly from the manufacturer
  • Vast selection of shipping cartons, folding cartons and cardboard boxes
  • individual packaging solutions
  • Promotional finishing with cardboard printing, foil lamination and more
  • Individual embossing, die-cutting, inserts, foil windows, perforations
  • Many finishing machines for your folding box in our print shop
  • many printing methods to choose from
  • years of know-how
  • ISO certified
  • personal advice
  • Free die-cutting sketch and PDF to help
  • free sample of your folding box from the printer
  • in advance.

Generate more success with our packaging

Order your preferred packaging online now and have your box individually printed as well as finished. We will be happy to send you a free sample of your folding box from the print shop in advance. If you have any questions about cardboard printing, we will of course be happy to help and advise you: by telephone on 07431 948290 or via email at mail@Ebro We look forward to your enquiry.