Cardboard beer crate directly from the manufacturer

Order your cardboard beer crate directly from Ebro Color, the expert for customised packaging solutions. Enjoy the advantage of short distances and direct communication with the manufacturer. The cardboard beer crates combine functionality with an appealing design and offer an attractive presentation option for your products.

Customised cardboard beer crate

Ebro Color designs your cardboard beer crate exactly according to your ideas. Whether for breweries, company parties or as a promotional gift, the beer crates can be customised in shape, size and design. Choose from a variety of finishing options to show off your brand to its best advantage. Each cardboard beer crate is made from high-quality, environmentally friendly materials that not only ensure stable storage and transport of your beer bottles, but are also visually appealing. The ability to offer customised solutions makes the beer crates a real eye-catcher and promotes brand identity. In addition, the ordering and production process is designed in such a way that even small runs can be realised efficiently and cost-effectively. Ebro Color works closely with its customers to ensure that the end product meets their requirements and wishes in every respect. With expertise in the packaging industry, Ebro Color offers a packaging solution that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Cardboard beer crates in standard sizes from the webshop

For customers who prefer a quick and uncomplicated solution, Ebro Color offers cardboard beer crates in standard sizes and shapes in the webshop. These are available without additional mould costs and can therefore be produced efficiently and delivered quickly. The standard beer crates for six bottles are immediately available and are perfect for breweries and retailers who prioritise quality and fast availability. The ordering process in the webshop is user-friendly and allows you to order the desired beer crates with just a few clicks.

Possible uses for the cardboard beer crates

The cardboard beer crates from Ebro Color are extremely versatile. Not only do they offer an attractive and safe transport option for bottled beers, they are also ideal for tastings, as gift packaging or for use at parties and in the catering industry. The sturdy construction protects the contents and the large viewing windows present the product attractively. The beer crates can also be custom-printed, making them an effective marketing tool for breweries and retailers. They are also a more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional plastic crates and emphasise your brand's ecological awareness.

Cardboard beer crates from Ebro Color

Ebro Color knows how to combine functionality and design in its cardboard beer crates. As your reliable partner for customised packaging solutions, Ebro Color offers you products that are characterised by their quality and their contribution to branding. Rely on our expertise and experience to present your beer products stylishly and safely.

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