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The colour cardboard impresses with its beautiful uncoated natural surface in 24 bright colours. As the fine cardboard is completely dyed, there are no white flashes on the edges compared to printed boxes.


Printing on the colour cardboard using common printing processes such as offset printing or digital printing is unfortunately only possible to a limited extent, as these processes are based on a white paper surface. Light colours such as white, grey or pastel shades are therefore best suited.

Printing is less standardised and more difficult to simulate in advance than on conventional coated folding boxboard. Nevertheless, or precisely because of this, very appealing visual print images can be realised, which in any case stand out from the competition.

Hot foil stamping

All colours other than the Euroscale colours are special colours and cause an increase in printing costs. Hot foil stamping can make sense, for example, if a particularly bright orange or green is desired that goes beyond the colour range of the Euroscale or if colours are to have a metallic shimmer. For spot colours, we need either the colour designation from the Pantone or from the HKS range.

Coloured cardboard boxes with fabric loop

Discover the variety and creativity of our coloured cardboard boxes with fabric loops. These colourful gift boxes will give your presents a lively and eye-catching appearance. Our sturdy but attractive boxes are made from high quality coloured card and feature an elegant fabric loop for easy handling and a pretty finish. Whether for birthdays, anniversaries or special holidays, our coloured cardboard boxes with fabric loops add an extra touch of sophistication and joy to any gift-giving occasion. Give your gifts a distinctive look with our coloured cardboard boxes that are as unique as the people who receive them.

Possible combinations

The colour cardboard can be wonderfully combined with conventionally printed cardboard, such as the green insert on the right-hand side or the pink insert in the middle.

Of course, the colours can also be easily combined with each other, such as the folding telescope box on the left with an orange bottom and yellow top.

The Advent calendar in the background is particularly colourful with 24 small coloured cube boxes.

Sturdy coloured cardboard boxes made of solid-coloured natural cardboard

The sturdy coloured boxes made of solid-coloured natural cardboard from Ebro Color combine functionality with aesthetics. The outside is made of fully dyed recycled cardboard, which convinces with bright colours and a pleasant feel. This cardboard is laminated onto a brown corrugated cardboard, which provides additional stability. While the outside shines in the colour of your choice, the inside/bottom is a natural shade of brown. Of course, the sturdy coloured cardboard boxes can also be printed or refined as desired.

Purchase coloured cardboard boxes directly from the manufacturer

Coloured cardboard boxes can be made to measure at a reasonable price

Our traditional company offers a wide range of coloured cardboard boxes in different sizes and designs. If your needs differ from our standard products, you can have colourful cardboard boxes specially made according to your wishes. We make the coloured boxes to measure, with or without foil windows or carrying handles in one colour or coloured. You have a great deal of freedom in choosing the individual design of the coloured boxes. Our service staff will be happy to provide you with information on the phone. You can also send us your enquiry about the specific dimensions and design of the coloured boxes and coloured shipping boxes directly online. We will then send you a sample with a concrete offer.

Coloured boxes in a wide variety

Our extensive range of coloured boxes contains packaging in many imaginable variations. You can get coloured boxes with lids and folding boxes in all kinds of shapes and with different types of closure systems. The colourful cardboard boxes serve as outer packaging for goods or as pretty gift boxes. You can present the contents in our coloured cardboard boxes in an attractive way. If you do not find the exact coloured shipping box or the coloured boxes with lids according to your personal ideas in our offer, please contact us and let us know your specific wishes. We will flexibly adapt to this and create the coloured cardboard boxes that are right for you.

For the sale of goods or shipping: coloured boxes or coloured shipping cartons

Presenting goods attractively is a concern to which you rightly devote a great deal of attention. The packaging is the first impression the customer gets of your product. A coloured carton that is optimally designed makes a decisive contribution to sales success. It spontaneously leaves an impression on the buyer that has a decisive effect on his willingness to choose the product. That is why we give you the opportunity to design coloured cartons exactly according to your needs. We realise your individual designs on cardboard boxes made of natural cardboard and solid board. Our customer service will be happy to advise you by phone on the appropriate choice of packaging material.

With coloured shipping boxes, you convey the positive image of your company to the customers to whom you send your goods. We will be happy to advise you on the design of suitable coloured boxes in which your products are adequately protected and at the same time are shown off to their best advantage. The colourful boxes can be equipped with hangers, foil windows or carrying handles, among other things. We can also produce customised coloured shipping cartons according to special requirements in-house. We can produce coloured shipping cartons in 24 colours and any pattern. Skilful combinations of coloured cardboard boxes and shipping sleeves in a successful design perfect the good impression of your mail order business.

If you would like to give loyal customers or employees a personal gift on certain occasions, individually designed coloured cardboard boxes or colourful boxes with lids in the size of your choice are well suited for this purpose.

Using coloured boxes quickly and easily

With coloured cartons you can pack goods for direct sale or for shipping in a time-saving and secure way. Our shipping boxes are easy to assemble and equipped so that your goods are packed in them safely for transport. You adapt the colourful cardboard boxes to the exact dimensions required for shipping. This means that there are no empty spaces in the packaging and the size is optimised in terms of shipping costs, which can lead to significant savings.

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