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The magnetic box consists of a high-quality cardboard container with a 14 mm thick outer wall and a hinged lid in double cardboard thickness glued to the back of the box. An elegant magnetic closure is created by 2 pairs of metallic magnets at the corners of the folding boxes. The magnetic boxes are largely handmade and are assembled in collaboration with a local workshop for the disabled.

Elegant magnetic boxes by Ebro Color - Premium packaging with style

What are magnetic boxes?

Ebro Color is a leading manufacturer of premium folding boxes and cardboard packaging, including the elegant and practical magnetic boxes. The magnetic box, also known as the magnetic box, is a preferred choice in the packaging industry when it comes to premium packaging. The special highlight: a magnetic closure ensures a secure yet stylish packaging solution.

Construction and function of the magnetic boxes

The magnetic box from Ebro Color is characterised by a thick outer wall. Its lid, which is double the thickness of the cardboard, is attached to the back of the box. Two pairs of metallic magnets at the corners of the box create an attractive and easy-to-use magnetic closure. This magnetic closure provides a seamless and secure closure option that is appreciated for its simplicity and efficiency.

Various packaging solutions for your needs

Magnet boxes and magnetic boxes are versatile packaging solutions that can vary in size and design as well as in colour and material to meet a wide range of customer needs. Ebro Color offers a wide selection of these magnetic boxes in its range. The magnetic boxes are suitable for a wide range of products and occasions, from gifts and premium products to business items. With their clean lines and modern look, they are a perfect choice to put any product in the spotlight.

Personalisation and finishing options

Ebro Color offers the option of custom printing on the magnetic boxes, making them an ideal choice for business gifts and products where brand identity and corporate identity are of great importance. A custom printed logo on a magnetic box can make a strong statement and further enhance the value of the product it contains. The company also offers various finishing options, including different printing techniques and materials. This allows customers to personalise their magnetic boxes and add an extra touch of exclusivity and value to their products.

Variety of cardboard types for your magnetic boxes

Magnet boxes can be made from a range of cardboard types, depending on the specific needs and requirements of the product or brand. The choice of carton types allows the magnetic boxes to be customised. This flexibility in board choice not only ensures a wide variety of visual and tactile characteristics, but also allows the magnetic boxes to be effectively customised in terms of environmental impact, durability and cost. With Ebro Color, you have the option of choosing the material of your magnetic box entirely according to your ideas and requirements.

Practical and aesthetic - magnetic boxes for all kinds of products

Magnetic boxes are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also extremely practical. Their magnetic closure makes them easy to open and close without sacrificing the security and stability of the contents. This makes them an ideal packaging solution for a variety of applications. Another advantage of the magnetic boxes from Ebro Color is their robustness and durability. They are made of high-quality materials and offer excellent stability, making them the perfect choice for shipping products.

Price performance and choice at Ebro Color

Despite their high quality, Ebro Color's magnetic boxes are available at a competitive price. In Ebro Color's online shop, customers can choose from a wide range of sizes, colours and designs and create their magnetic boxes according to their individual needs and wishes. In summary, magnetic boxes from Ebro Color are an excellent choice for anyone looking for an elegant, functional and personalisable packaging solution.

Elegant magnetic boxes for an appealing presentation

Whether you want to present a gift in style, ship a product securely or add an exclusive touch to your brand, Ebro Color's magnetic boxes are a great choice. With a wide range of options and customised solutions, Ebro Color is the ideal partner for all your packaging needs. Combining design, functionality and value in one box, they offer an attractive packaging solution that makes every occasion special.

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