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Folding boxes with logo printing are an important branding tool in the marketing mix. Depending on the brand message, the logo can be printed prominently and large on the front or top, possibly with finishing. In the luxury segment, gold or silver embossing is particularly popular for logo printing. 

It is also striking to print the logo as a pattern repeating over the whole box.

But a very valuable appearance can also be a discreet logo on the box, which is only noticed on closer inspection or even when the box is opened. This effect can be achieved either by the size of the logo or by a very light printing or finishing that hardly stands out from the background. 

It is also possible to apply a logo by embossing, deep embossing or flat embossing without printing. This process is cost-effective, as it can be carried out together with the die-cutting of the boxes.

Packaging with a logo makes companies visible

Especially in the commercial sector, smart packaging is indispensable. Attractive packaging not only protects the corresponding products from external influences, but packaging with a logo can also convince from a visual point of view. The packaging provides an advertising effect that is not only inexpensive, but also durable. If you decide on packaging with a logo, then we can present you with a wide selection. But our packaging with logo not only looks good and is robust, you are also relying on cardboard boxes that are made of resistant materials.

For many industries, packaging with logo is the first choice

Logo packaging can be used in a variety of industries. This ensures diversity. In addition, the boxes can be ordered in a wide variety of colours and shapes. The packaging with logo is well received and the quality of the print is convincing. Would you like to have food packaging printed with a logo? Then you are making the right choice with our products. The corresponding food is perfectly presented and the brand name of your company will be remembered. Our folding boxes are also in demand as jewellery packaging with your own logo. High-quality jewellery should always be presented in an appealing way and with our boxes this goal is achieved. There is room for many other products in the packaging with logo.

Packaging with logo as a perfect promotional gift

If you want to please your customers, business partners or employees, then the presents must be packaged beforehand. Our packaging with logo is ideal for this. Of course, you can design the folding boxes with logo yourself and, for example, immortalise striking sayings in addition to the logo. Everything is permitted to push the visibility of your company to the extreme. Whether you choose food packaging with logo or jewellery packaging with your own logo, we can always present you with the right packaging solutions from our repertoire. As a promotional gift, the folding boxes with logo come into their own and you show that your customers and business partners are important to you.

The folding boxes with logo can be ordered quickly

You want to react to certain events at short notice and need packaging with a logo for this? Then we can help you. Not only do we provide you with food packaging with logos or jewellery packaging with your own logo, our products are also in demand in many other industries. By the way, the complete ordering process works online with us. First of all, you choose the appropriate cardboard box and determine the basic colour. Then you can start designing. Should your logo adorn the box, do you decide on a funny saying or does your company perhaps have a certain slogan? Realise your design wishes with us. After just a few clicks, the order is completed and your ordered packaging will soon arrive at your door.

You have questions about packaging with logo? Get in touch!

If you are still unsure about which folding boxes with logo are best suited to your needs, feel free to get in touch with our expert team. We will be happy to enlighten you about our products. In the end, you will look at packaging with logo that exactly matches your ideas and goes down very well. The price/performance ratio is right here. In addition, the boxes are made of very durable material. For this reason, the packaging with logo is especially durable.

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