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The materials presented here offer only a small selection of the possibilities we have with cardboard.
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Many folding boxboard grades for every need

Durable folding boxboard grades

All folding boxboard types in our range are designed not only as protective packaging for books and other products. Every folding box carton in our range is also popular with customers for long-term careful storage of packaged goods. For example, high-quality books are ideally stored in our folding boxes, as these cardboard boxes almost have the quality of bags on the shelf. Our folding box carton types offer all-round protection against dirt and scratches. This is why the total of twelve basic cardboard boxes from our folding box category, which you can view at your leisure on our homepage, are so popular with our customers and their clientele. Often books and other goods are stored for a lifetime in the folding boxes we produce and print as desired. Take advantage of this and impress your customers.

Folding boxboard in visually appealing colour variations


The range of our folding boxboard varieties will inspire you at first sight. With the wide selection of folding boxboard, you can package your goods in a colour that suits your corporate culture. You can match the sturdy folding boxboard varieties to your corporate identity or to the product you are shipping. In any case, we offer all the materials we use to make our folding boxboard varieties in numerous colour variations. Opt for an intense shade like black, which looks fascinating on a cardboard made of grey recycled paper as well as on a model made of bright white natural cardboard. Get inspired by the beautifully designed cardboard boxes on our homepage and choose several combinations of cardboard and printing inks for shipping your products. Compare the intense luminosity of the colour blue on the photographs on our homepage, which we have printed for you on the various boxes such as

  • the folding box board bright white
  • the grass cardboard
  • the barrier cardboard plastic-free

and all other folding box board types. We have the right basic cardboard for each of your customer groups in seductively beautiful shades.

Easy filling of folding boxboard varieties


Even large quantities of our folding box cartons hardly take up any space on your shelves. You only unfold the flat cardboard boxes when you need them for shipping or presentation. With one handle, each rectangular folding box carton is opened to full size and can be filled with another handle. After opening our folding boxboard varieties, all printed lettering can also be read optimally. Be surprised by the effect of small and large letters on all sides of the folding boxes. Your customers will even experience the folding box cartons as a source of information. That's why you can also use the folding boxes as an advertising medium.

Quality cardboard boxes for a variety of uses


We also offer you special types of cardboard for special contents. One of the popular trends among the folding box carton types is the attractively designed black model, which we provide for you with white luminous UV printing. In any case, you can rely on our folding boxes from the first to the last use because of the stable corners. Quality is a priority for us in the production of every cardboard box for convenient folding, so that you are completely satisfied on site in your factory, in your office and at any other packaging location.