Printed cup sleeves directly from the manufacturer

Cup sleeves are a practical element in the world of packaging products. As an expert in this sector, Ebro Color presents a wide range of sleeves suitable for different types of cups. Our cup sleeves, available in various sizes, ideally adapt to any kind of cup - be it paper or plastic.

The Crucial Role of Cup Sleeves

Cup sleeves are far more than just a piece of cardboard. They represent an excellent interplay of material and printing, serving to communicate your company's or brand's message. Therefore, cup sleeves play a central role. Whether for printed cups, yogurt cups with print, or as a hot drink sleeve - the choice of the right sleeve can be crucial.

The cup sleeve can go along the entire cup.

Alternatively, the sleeve can also only cover a part of the cup. This is particularly popular with beverage cups or as hot drink sleeves.

Ebro Color: A Range of Printing Options

Ebro Color offers cup sleeves made of sturdy and high-quality cardboard. The print on the sleeves can be customized to your needs. Various colors, articles, or motifs are available for selection. The right sleeve with the right print gives your cup a strong presence.

The Application of Cup Sleeves

The cup sleeves from Ebro Color are easy to fit and suitable for a variety of cups. Whether as paper cup sleeves or cardboard cup sleeves - we have a sleeve for every cup.

Benefits of Ebro Color Cup Sleeves

Our cup sleeves at Ebro Color offer you numerous advantages that go far beyond mere design. They not only serve an aesthetic function with customizable print, but also have practical aspects.

Sleeves for Hot Beverages

The sleeves keep your hot drink warm for longer and at the same time protect your hands from the heat of the cup. This makes them an indispensable component, whether for the morning coffee to go or the tea during the break.

Eco-Friendly Sleeves

In addition, our sleeves are made of paper and are therefore recyclable. This makes them an eco-friendly choice that aligns with current sustainability trends.

For more information about our cup sleeves, material, and other products, or to make an inquiry, we are available at Ebro Color. We assist you in finding the optimal sleeve for your cups to effectively and appealingly present your product.

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