Recycled cardboard directly from the manufacturer

The trend towards higher recycled content in cardboard packaging has become increasingly strong in recent years. Grey cardboard is pure recycling, as it is made from pure, untreated waste paper.

The recycled character is immediately visible on the packaging and thus also directly shows the consumer that it is a resource-saving packaging.

Modern designed recycled cardboard in grey for visible environmental awareness

Optically appealing packaging made from pure recycled material

Our high-quality recycled cardboard in grey is made from 100 percent recycled fibres. These fibres are usually made from waste paper, so we return valuable raw materials to the economic cycle with every package. After all, when we process waste paper, we not only use a material that would normally end up in waste, but we also conserve resources by minimising the impact on waste water. Recycling waste paper uses much less water than producing cardboard from primary fibres. With every packaging and every folding box made of recycled cardboard in grey that you buy for your products, you are sending a clearly visible signal for modern environmental protection. You also decide, as with any other cardboard material, how you want your resource-saving postal boxes printed.

Recycled cardboard in grey for every size

To ensure that you can optimally package each of your products such as books with thick covers, tablets in blister packs, the giveaways that are popular with all customers, as well as many other items, we have different models of recycled cardboard in grey for you such as

  • Tuck-in boxes
  • bag boxes with handle
  • hinged boxes

and also handy plug cases on offer. You buy a robust folding box from our range for your special products and have the recycled cardboard in grey printed not only with your company name. You can also buy grey cardboard in various colours from us for a promotionally effective presentation.

Space-saving folding box for direct use

Another great advantage of our boxes and packaging made of recycled cardboard in grey, which for many people already belongs to the standard in environmentally conscious everyday life, is the great space saving. Before packing, the folding boxes are practically small in size on your shelf. With a flick of the wrist, your employees have a box at hand and unfold it to pack the goods. In no time at all, books, give-aways and many other items are professionally and promotionally packed. What's more, you don't just save space with our folded boxes. Thanks to the clever design of all boxes made of the stable recycled cardboard in grey, you also save time. Instead of time-consuming and tedious plugging work, you have the perfectly shaped box at hand within seconds.

Recycled cardboard grey as an expression of sustainable corporate identity

Once you have decided on recycled cardboard packs in grey, we will print each of our models exactly to your requirements. Combine the stylish, environmentally friendly shade of grey with other colours such as blue, green or purple and let the overall look take effect in combination with black letters. You and your customers are sure to be impressed by any recycled cardboard box in grey that matches your corporate identity, so that you will be permanently associated with a high awareness of environmental protection. Each folding box becomes the basis for a lasting identification with your company. As soon as they unpack the goods, your customers will be pleased that they have made a joint contribution to conserving the resources wood and water. Take advantage of this and make a sustainable mark on the environment with every folding box made of recycled cardboard. In any case, with all our boxes that we print for you, you will enjoy high-quality packaging.

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