Bedruckte Stülpdeckel-Kartons direkt vom Hersteller

Slip lid boxes consist of an upper and lower part, which presents the contents very attractively and makes the packaging very stable. There are many standard sizes for this type of packaging in the Ebro Color webshop. However, they can also be customised.

Slip lid cartons from Ebro Color: Versatile, stable and customisable

Ebro Color, your direct manufacturer for customised packaging solutions, presents slip lid boxes that are characterised by high stability and elegant presentation. Ideal for high-quality products, these boxes offer an elegant packaging alternative for both business and private occasions.

Why choose slip lid boxes

Slip lid boxes are characterised by a two-part design, consisting of a base and a lid that fits on top. This design not only offers an attractive presentation of your products, but also guarantees exceptional stability. Available in printed and unprinted versions, slip lid boxes enable flexible product presentation and are available at favourable conditions, even for small runs.</p

Functionality and structure

The intelligent design of the slip lid boxes enables easy handling and quick assembly. The boxes are delivered flat, which enables cost-efficient storage and shipping. Simply setting up and assembling the moving parts creates robust and attractive packaging that is suitable for a wide range of applications.</p

Material diversity and environmental awareness

Ebro Color attaches great importance to sustainability and therefore offers cardboard boxes made of various environmentally friendly materials. Whether recycled cardboard, grass cardboard or bright white fine cardboard - we offer the right solution for every product and every design. Our cartons contribute to the reduction of plastic packaging and support environmentally conscious brand management.

Materials for slip lid cartons

The materials presented here offer only a small excerpt of the possibilities we have with cardboard. We would also be happy to develop an individual solution with you for your product or your individual wishes.

Printing and finishing of Telescope boxes

Printing and finishing

Give your slip lid boxes a personal touch with our high-quality printing and finishing service. From simple logos to complex designs, high-gloss, matt or soft-touch film lamination - Ebro Color transforms your packaging into a real eye-catcher. Our state-of-the-art printing technology guarantees vibrant colours, sharp contours and an impressive feel.

Customised solutions and advice

At Ebro Color, your needs take centre stage. Whether you need a customised size or advice on design selection, our team will be happy to help you realise your individual packaging solution. Contact us for a free sample and see the quality and versatility of our slip lid boxes for yourself.</p

Choose Ebro Color for your slip lid cartons and benefit from direct manufacturer contact, attractive prices and packaging that showcases your products perfectly.

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Slip lid cartons from Ebro Color offer a combination of stability, aesthetics and practical handling. They are the ideal choice for companies that prioritise high-quality product presentation and are also looking for a sustainable packaging solution. With the option of personalisation, you can ensure that your products are not only packaged safely and stylishly, but also represent your brand effectively.

Discover the possibilities of a customised packaging solution that combines aesthetics and functionality. We invite you to contact us for personalised advice on our slip lid boxes and how they can present your products in the best possible way. Request a quote for slip lid boxes now.

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