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We have the choice repeatedly. Apart from local, state or federal elections, we are asked to cast our vote on various other occasions. These include works council elections, association votes and tenant co-decisions at housing companies.

Preferences of cardboard ballot boxes

You have probably noticed considerable differences in the design of the containers for the ballot papers: from a shoe box with a slit in the lid that has been converted into a ballot box, to urn models that you have created yourself with obvious passion, to professional ballot box designs. Hand on heart: Which type of ballot box do you prefer to entrust your ballot paper to? Where, on the other hand, do you have doubts?

If you are about to organise an election yourself, take to heart the extremely important aspect of confidence-inspiring voting. Ballot boxes should appear secure and worthy of the occasion. Both create trust and acceptance. By purchasing the ballot box, you ensure a respectable voting environment and motivate eligible voters to participate. It is therefore worthwhile to simply buy the ballot box instead of awkwardly improvising. Buying a ballot box is also cheaper than often thought. The inexpensive material cardboard already meets most requirements for a properly conducted election event.

In contrast to political election events with specified ballot paper containers, other election events are subject to less stringent rules for the utensils used to conduct the election. The ballot boxes or containers may be made of cardboard. Thus they fulfil the requirement of anonymous voting. An urn made of opaque material such as cardboard does not reveal its contents. The slot for the ballot box should be narrow enough to ensure that the ballot box can be deposited smoothly, but too narrow to prevent prying eyes from looking in.

The cardboard ballot box is ready for use in no time: Buy the ballot box and have it delivered to your home or place of use, then just unpack it and set up the space-saving ballot boxes, shipped flat, in a few easy steps.

Buy a ballot box - online in the ballot box shop

Buy your ballot box conveniently online with us. In our ballot box shop you have a wide choice of different sizes, formats and designs. From the representative pillar model on the floor to the handy specimen for the table or counter, we take every need into account.

Purchase your ballot box online at your convenience.

Optional urns with a slip lid are particularly popular. The slip lid sits stably on its container and is largely insensitive to slipping or even falling down due to accidental shocks or impacts. After all, every vote counts when voting. A mix-up or even loss of ballot papers would be bad and would require a re-vote. The right ballot box selection protects against this - quite simply.

For an individual appearance: buy a printed ballot box

Give your voting request a personal touch! Let us personalise your ballot box with your logo and slogan or a graphic. Just tell us your desired print when you buy your ballot box. Practically anything is allowed, as long as it does not influence the election results. We will be happy to advise you on printing by phone or e-mail before you buy your printed ballot box online.

Tip: In addition to elections, our quality ballot boxes are excellent for collecting donations, inserting solutions for prize competitions and similar campaigns.

Buy a ballot box instead of improvising - gain voter confidence

With a professionally produced ballot box, you prepare your election event in the best possible way. A trustworthy ambience in the voting room is a decisive factor in voter participation and the election result

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