Natural cardboard directly from the manufacturer

The natural cardboard impresses with a velvety natural feel and a very high degree of whiteness. The cardboard is made from 100% cellulose. We only buy certified material from sustainable forestry. Surfaces can also be printed very homogeneously on this cardboard, especially in inkjet printing.

Purchase boxes made of sustainable natural cardboard directly from the manufacturer

Natural cardboard is a packaging material with a particularly pleasant feel. The strong and resilient cardboard is mainly made from pure cellulose fibres, which are obtained from sustainable coniferous woods.

We offer boxes and folding boxes that are ideal for product packaging and gift packaging. You can get it in bright white. We can make boxes from natural cardboard to measure for you on request. You can have them printed individually.

You can order your natural cardboard boxes from us in particularly good quality and in the design of your choice.

Using natural cardboard for packaging

Boxes and folding boxes with lids made of natural cardboard can be used for product packaging of all kinds of goods. In times of increased awareness for environmentally friendly packaging materials, product packaging made of natural cardboard is becoming increasingly important.

Even though the cardboard is not a material of its own, it can be used as packaging.

Even though the cardboard is relatively thin, its load-bearing capacity should not be underestimated. The manufacturing process creates a dense structure of cellulose fibres that interlock, which contributes to the stability of the cardboard. Its surface is smooth and supple.

Boxes made of natural cardboard in different sizes and shapes

Whether in the form of a cube or a cuboid, we can supply you with high quality boxes in different sizes. If you use the boxes as luxury product packaging, preferably opt for variants with a removable lid. The boxes are then particularly easy to open and close again when you want to remove or add things. Folding boxes with an integrated lid that you fold over and tuck in with tabs are particularly popular and practical. The packages are delivered flat. You store them to save space and assemble them quickly and easily when you need them by unfolding them along the pre-cut lines.

If you need packaging that deviates from our standard dimensions and shapes, it is possible to have it made to your specifications. For example, optimise the size of your natural boxes for their packaging contents to make the best use of the packaging material.

Colour design

The natural cardboard bright white is particularly trendy for high-quality product packaging, because it conveys a natural and sustainable appearance. Customers thus gain increased confidence in your corporate philosophy.

Let natural cardboard be printed individually

The high degree of whiteness is an ideal basis for printing on the box. We provide it with imprints of all kinds in the desired colours. From company logos and lettering to individual graphic embellishments, anything is possible. If you choose a cardboard box in bright white, the imprint will stand out even more against the background.

We are happy to advise you on the design of natural cardboard boxes for your company or private use. Call us right away and discuss your design wishes with us! Or send us an enquiry using the contact form.

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