Printed cardboard boxes and cardboard stands for packaging, presentation and advertising

Printed cardboard boxes and stands are available cheaply and individually from small quantities.

Printed cardboard boxes directly from the manufacturer

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The cardboard displays presented here offer only a small selection of the possibilities we have with cardboard.
We would be happy to develop an individual solution for your product or your individual wishes with you.

Cardboard displays from Ebro Color: These cardboard displays skilfully showcase your products

Ebro Color brings your brand to the forefront. As an established full-service partner with many years of experience, we also take care of your packaging and the presentation of your products at the POS. Today, no point of sale can do without cardboard displays, which Ebro Color realises for you in a wide range of variations. Our cardboard stands and displays help to raise awareness of your brand.

Cardboard displays are extremely important in the marketing mix because they are found in high traffic areas in the shop where they initiate direct sales. They generate interest where it is most effective. Promotional displays must be eye-catchers and draw interest to your product without detours. They are particularly important for product launches, for example, if you want to offer product samples or encourage interaction. Of course, it is not only the location of the displays that matters, the display itself also came in for a lot of attention through its design, especially the print on the cardboard, but also a special style.

Cardboard displays directly support the purchase

Cardboard displays offer almost endless possibilities in sales. They are suitable as sales aids in pharmacies, doctors' surgeries, restaurants, cafés, gift shops and many other businesses. Cardboard displays allow you to present your advertising flyers and brochures in a way that cannot be overlooked and thus optimally exploit the possibilities of targeted advertising. Goods-carrying cardboard displays have to be eye-catching, but they also have to meet certain weight requirements so that they can carry the load of the products presented. We adapt the cardboard displays exactly to your needs. We manufacture cardboard displays, partition walls, cardboard displays, goods trays and goods carriers made of cardboard in all conceivable formats, which you can have individually printed inside and out and use flexibly.

Positioning brands optimally - with individual cardboard displays

Whether as a special display, movable wall or packaging display, cardboard displays today have a strong design and are real eye-catchers. We all know that the stronger the appeal to emotions, the stronger the incentive to buy. This is true for packaging as well as for cardboard displays & Co. The type and print design of the display can significantly increase the customer's attention span. Once he has taken the product in his hand, the way to the shopping basket and to the checkout is not far away.

Cardboard displays: real eye-catchers on the sales floor

Whether you need them for a one-off promotion or to be constantly on the counter, individual cardboard displays and cardboard stand-ups are your trump cards up your sleeve when it comes to better sales figures. How about, for example, a large Elypsen display in outstanding print quality? There are almost no limits to your imagination when it comes to creating unique displays that customers will remember for a long time. We will be happy to produce personalised cardboard displays for you that no one will be able to pass by.

Handle cartons more efficiently - with automatic carton erectors

Carton erectors can be made even more interesting by adding design elements such as die-cuts. Such elements can be integrated very well, can be combined excellently with the print on the carton and definitely make your presentation area more valuable. If you have a large number of carton displays, an automatic carton erector is ideal, as this machine erects flat cartons into ready-to-use cartons. Are you looking for more tools to display your products in a highly visible, appealing and sales-animating way? Ebro Color has many more sales promotion options up its sleeve. You are also welcome to consult us on the integration of a carton erector into your packaging line. Just ask us, we will be happy to present you with solutions that exactly fit your needs.