Printed Gable Boxes with handle directly from the manufacturer

The folding boxes with carrying handles visually resemble a handbag due to their pouch shape. The boxes are suitable as combination packaging or as an alternative to carrier bags for the retail trade. Tear-resistant cardboard boxes that are not too thick are particularly suitable for this, so that the bag shape forms nicely.

The pouch box as a noble packaging solution

Packaging is supposed to fulfil many roles and now serves far more than just protecting the products it contains. Rather, packaging should draw attention to a product and, in the best case, also leave a noble impression. The pouch box fulfils these tasks without any problems. It looks very classy and can be individually designed by us. It does not matter in which industry your company is located. After all, bag boxes offer an attractive place for a wide variety of products. The Gable Boxes with handle are easy to transport and the advertising effect is enhanced by carrying them. You can have your logo or a specific slogan printed on the pouch box.

For what purpose do you want to buy bag boxes?

Bag boxes can be printed with any design and their uses are just as varied. Our bag boxes are very decorative and even the finest products can be packed in them. Bag boxes are therefore often used as packaging for high-quality products. Special customers want to be treated well and such an attractive packaging makes quite a difference. Perhaps you would like to provide the customer with various information about the product? Then the pouch box could also become the first choice. In short, they are in great demand as packaging for sales products. By the way, we even offer bag boxes with a viewing window or gable boxes with a handle. The bag box with a viewing window draws the potential customer's attention to the product and gives him a first glimpse of the contents. This arouses anticipation and can definitely have a sales-promoting effect.

The pouch box is made of environmentally friendly materials and is "Made in Germany"

It doesn't matter whether you choose a pouch box with a handle or a pouch box with a window. Our products are made of paper. This means that you are doing your bit for the environment by buying them. You are doing without conventional plastic packaging and are instead choosing products that do not have a negative impact on the environment. It doesn't get any better than this, especially as the quality does not suffer. On the contrary, our pouch boxes are very durable, look good and can be stored without any problems. This is because they are folded down to a minimum of their actual size, which is why even larger quantities take up very little storage space.

What design should adorn your pouch box?

When you buy our bag boxes, the design is up to you. Of course, it is a good idea to add your logo to the pouch box. This is an elegant way to beat the advertising drum. The logo immediately catches the customer's eye and the advertising effect is enormous. Striking slogans or funny sayings can also be immortalised on the pouch box. There are actually no limits to the design and this variety will convince you. Simply design your bag boxes with handle or the bag boxes with window yourself and enjoy the perfect results.

It's easy to buy the pouch box online

You would like to buy our bag boxes? Then we make the ordering process as easy as possible for you. You select the product you want, choose the quantity and place the appropriate imprint. You can then order the bag boxes directly and they will soon arrive at your door. If you have any questions, simply contact our competent team. You can already look forward to a great product of the highest quality, which is suitable for a wide variety of purposes.

Closure options of the bag boxes with handle

Here could be the various explanations why there are differences here and why. Also what the advantages and disadvantages are in each case. Here you could find the various explanations why there are differences here and why. Also what the advantages and disadvantages are in each case.

Bag boxes with handle with push-in bottom

Robustness and good standing properties characterise this bottom of these bag boxes with carrying handle. The insertable bottom consists of one flap on each of the 4 sides of the bottom opening. These are folded inwards and hooked into each other, so that they lock each other in place.

Bag boxes with handle with automatic bottom

Frequently also called flash bottom or folding bottom. This bottom closure is glued and therefore very stable. Filling the gable boxes is quick and easy, as the bottom opens automatically when the gable box is erected. Due to the higher set-up effort, an automatic bottom is only worthwhile from approx. 2,000 pieces.

Possible uses of the bag boxes with handle

The versatility of bag boxes with handle makes them an ideal packaging option for a variety of products and industries. Some of the most common uses are explained below.


  • Elegance and presentation: As cosmetic products are often considered luxury goods, the elegant shape of the bag boxes with handle gives the product a premium look.
  • Gift packaging: Bag boxes make excellent gift packaging for sets of cosmetic products such as creams, perfumes or make-up.
  • Portability: The integrated carrying handle facilitates the transport of several products and can be a unique selling point in retail.


  • Branding: boxes can easily be printed with a company's logo and colours, making them an effective method for brand promotion.
  • Versatility: Promotional gifts can range from office supplies to small snacks, and the bag boxes with handle have enough space for a variety of items.
  • Event marketing: at events and trade shows, bag boxes with handle can be distributed filled with informational materials, promotional items or even product samples.


  • Food: In a more robust design, these boxes can be used for transporting durable food, especially if they have a special coating that increases the shelf life of the food.
  • Textiles: Small items of clothing such as T-shirts or scarves can be creatively packaged in bag boxes with a handle to make them more attractive.
  • Electronics: Small electronic devices such as headphones or mobile phone accessories can be packed safely and attractively in these boxes.
  • Arts and crafts: The bag boxes are ideal for selling arts and crafts or other handmade items as they keep the contents safe while providing an attractive aesthetic presentation.

The bag boxes with carry handle therefore offer not only a functional but also an aesthetically pleasing solution to a variety of packaging needs.

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