Printed pouch box directly from the manufacturer

These boxes are particularly popular for tea, spices, herbs or similar products.

The required size of these boxes is difficult to estimate and should in any case be checked by taking a sample. One advantage over paper bags is that bag boxes can also be made to measure in small runs and with printing.

The bag shape can be formed starting directly from the bottom or only further up as a kind of box top.

Fancy bag boxes for different products

Every company produces different products and therefore the packaging options must also be very diverse. Our bag boxes impress with their excellent quality and beautiful bag shape. They not only reliably protect your product from external influences, the bag boxes also look great. In addition, you should not underestimate the advertising effect of the bag boxes, because if you have them printed with your logo or slogan, customers and business partners will always know exactly from whom they have received the attractive bag boxes. If your bag boxes are to be printed, then you have found the perfect partner for this project with us.

For which products can you buy the bag boxes?

If you decide to buy our pouch-shaped boxes, then the possible applications are of course many and varied. You can fill the bag boxes with a wide variety of products. How about precious foodstuffs, for example? Especially for the packaging of chocolates, the bag boxes with viewing window could become the first choice. Noodles, jelly bears or other foodstuffs are also well looked after in them. The pouch-shaped box looks very classy and thus gives the food a high-quality touch. Of course, non-food items also find an ideal place in the box. Just give it a try and opt for a packaging solution that stands out from the crowd.

The bag boxes with the individual design

The design of the bag boxes with print is up to you. The bag boxes can be printed and you determine the design. Upload files from your inventory and look forward to perfect results. Not only will your company's logo look perfect on the printed bag boxes, you can even immortalise slogans or funny sayings on them. Almost all design wishes can be fulfilled and the numerous printing methods offer you even more possibilities. The design immediately catches the eye of customers and business partners, which is why you should leave nothing to chance here. Your bag boxes with print become unique through the individual design and this effect should not be underestimated. In addition, you also stir the advertising drum for your company through the design. If you are particularly creative here, then the motifs will definitely be remembered by the customers.

We have different bag boxes for you in our range

If you don't know exactly which bag boxes you would like to buy, then you should take advantage of our personal advice. Our expert team is there to help you in word and deed. You will always find exactly the bag-shaped box that is best suited for the purpose in question. We have a wide variety of models for you in our repertoire and you are also given a free hand with the design. By the way, the bag boxes take up very little storage space, even when larger quantities are purchased, as they can be folded to a minimum of their actual size. If you want to buy a bag-shaped box, why not opt for the bag boxes with a viewing window or the classic models. The choice is yours.

Order your bag boxes with printing easily online

You would like to buy high-quality bag boxes with print from us? Then you are doing everything right. The bag boxes with print are very robust and the price/performance ratio will convince you. If the bag boxes are printed, then you can fully identify with them. We have many variants for you in our assortment and so you could, for example, opt for the bag boxes with a viewing window. By the way, the complete ordering process works online or by enquiry. You choose the right box in pouch form and specify the design. Afterwards, you can send the order directly or ask us.

Closure options for the bag boxes

Here could be the various explanations why there are differences here and why. Also what the advantages and disadvantages are in each case. Here you could find the various explanations why there are differences here and why. Also what the advantages and disadvantages are in each case.

Bag boxes with insertable bottom

Robustness and good standing properties characterise this bottom of these bag boxes. The insertable bottom consists of one flap on each of the 4 sides of the bottom opening. These are folded inwards and hooked into each other, so that they lock each other in place.

Bag boxes with automatic bottom

Frequently also called flash bottom or folding bottom. This bottom closure is glued and is therefore very stable. Filling the bag boxes is quick and easy, as the base automatically erects when the folding box is erected. Due to the higher set-up effort, an automatic bottom is only worthwhile from approx. 2,000 units upwards.

Possible uses of the bag boxes

Bag boxes offer an attractive and practical packaging option for a variety of products. Their customisability in size, shape and printing makes them a popular choice for a variety of industries. Here are some of the main areas of application and why they are well suited to them:


Sealed bag boxes are ideal for preserving the freshness of ground coffee or coffee beans. In addition, they provide ample space for brand logos, preparation instructions and other important information, making them a good choice for premium coffee brands.


Bag boxes can be custom printed and provide ample space for tea bags or loose tea. They are also able to effectively lock in the aroma, which is particularly important for premium teas.


The tightness and sealing capabilities of bag boxes are ideal for storing spices. They protect against moisture and light, two factors that can affect the quality of spices.


The ability to custom print the boxes makes them an attractive packaging option for pastries. They can also be fitted with a viewing window option to present the product in an appealing way.


For sweets and candies, bag boxes offer not only an effective but also an aesthetically pleasing packaging solution. They can be produced in a variety of sizes and shapes, making them ideal for a wide range of confectionery products.


Bag boxes are an excellent choice for a variety of products due to their customisability, appealing design and functionality. They offer the opportunity to highlight both the product and the brand, setting it apart from the competition.

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