Ebro Color: your partner for customised and standardised shoebox solutions

At Ebro Color, the quality and presentation of your products is at the centre of our work. Our customised and standardised shoe boxes serve as ideal solutions for brands that value elegance, functionality and brand identity.

Customised shoe boxes: Made-to-measure perfection

Ebro Color offers the possibility to customise shoe boxes to meet your specific requirements. With a wide range of materials, including solid board and corrugated board, we enable precise brand presentation through high-quality product packaging or elegant gift boxes.

Standard shoe boxes: Efficiency and quality

In our webshop you will find a variety of standard sizes for shoe boxes that offer immediate solutions without compromising on quality. Choose between sturdy solid cardboard boxes with lid and base or our sturdy corrugated cardboard boxes with hinged lid to pack your shoes safely and stylishly.

Solid cardboard shoe boxes: style and protection

Our solid cardboard shoeboxes not only offer a high-quality look, but also excellent protection thanks to their telescope box construction with separate lid and base. They are the ideal choice for presenting high-quality footwear and offer a wide range of personalisation options.

Corrugated cardboard shoe boxes: Durability and functionality

The corrugated cardboard hinged boxes impress with their exceptional stability and durability. They are perfect for sales and shipping and offer an additional advantage thanks to their easy handling and space-saving storage. Customised printing options are also available here to present your brand in the best possible way.

Customised design for your brand

Ebro Color attaches great importance to the individual personalisation of your shoe boxes. With extensive options in colour, material and printing, we help you achieve maximum brand presence and make your products unmistakable.

Choice of high-quality materials

The shoe boxes are made from carefully selected materials that not only offer protection, but also provide an excellent basis for printing. Discover flexible ordering options on our website and find the perfect packaging solution for your product.

Contact us to find out more about the possibilities Ebro Color can offer you. Together we can strengthen your brand with high-quality packaging solutions that put your product centre stage.

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