Printed shipping bags directly from the manufacturer

Cardboard shipping bags are becoming increasingly popular for online shipping.

For small and flat products, they are a stable yet space-saving alternative to corrugated boxes. Printing on the shipping bags provides a visually appealing stage for branding online shops and enhances the end customer's shopping experience.

Cardboard shipping bags - buy directly from the manufacturer

Our cardboard shipping bag is a real alternative to boxes made of corrugated cardboard and similar cardboard materials. It can always show off its top properties when you want to ship small or flat products. You can also control your search via the menu - first select the top category and let us show you what we offer. With over 1000 sizes, you're rather spoilt for choice here.

Our cardboard shipping bags are very popular, especially in online shipping, because they offer you as a shipper a number of advantages:

  • Stable and space-saving: The cardboard shipping bags hold their shape excellently and you can store them absolutely space-saving. You don't have to worry about whether your products will reach the recipient intact, because the stability is ensured during transport.

  • The look: At Ebro Color, you order directly from the manufacturer. We can cater to all your special requests. Be it the unusual format, the individual printing or even the appealing haptics through a special foil - we can realise all of this for you.

  • The look: At Ebro Color, you order directly from the manufacturer.
  • Branding: Create a recognition value for your company - your customer can directly recognise that his order has been delivered because your cardboard shipping bag directly catches his eye. In one colour, with your logo or a complete print - your corporate design should be carried through to your shipping.

  • Safe, easy closure: You can close your mailing bags easily and securely with a self-adhesive closure. No risk of the shipping bags opening during transport.

One product - many variants

Whether you want to send a standard format, such as A4 or similar, or whether you have special formats to send - we are your manufacturer and can tailor our products entirely to your requirements.


The alternative to small boxes

You simply tell us which goods you would like to send and we adapt our packaging and shipping bags to your needs. Especially if you are looking for a long-term cooperation, it can make perfect sense if you send us samples. This allows us to adapt the properties of our shipping bags even better to your product - the fit benefits from this and we make an active contribution to the positive experience of your customers and to environmental protection, as only as much packaging as necessary is used.

Whether you want to send small books, brochures or documents, or items such as small office supplies - we are your competent partner


Sustainability in your shipping

We make our cardboard mailing bags from recycled paper, so you don't have to worry about your ecological footprint either.

Advice directly from the manufacturer

If you are still unsure whether we supply the right shape and material for your requirements, we can also send you a sample of our cardboard mailing bag. Just let us know what sizes you have in mind - we will be happy to send you a sample.

What information do we need?

Contact us, because depending on what you have to ship, we recommend a different product from our categories.

You would like to purchase large quantities? We would also be happy to provide you with a customised offer for your packaging solution. Simply contact for this purpose too.

With us you benefit from many years of experience - whether colours or materials, we will be happy to advise you.

Possible uses of the envelopes

Shipping bags are often used for: small and flat products in online shipping

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