Perfect your event experience with popcorn bags from Ebro Color

Even in the digital era, cinema still manages to exert a special fascination on people. An essential part of this unique atmosphere are the popcorn bags, which are more than just a container for snacks - they are a piece of cinema magic. Ebro Color offers you high-quality popcorn bags that perfectly match your company's needs.

Why popcorn bags from Ebro Color?

The popcorn bags from Ebro Color are made from first-class cardboard, which is not only characterised by its robustness and durability, but also offers excellent printing and finishing results.

In the Ebro Color webshop, the popcorn bags are available in standard sizes in the following sizes:

The individual print gives the bags a wide range of customisation options to put your brand in the spotlight.

Popcorn bags for your event, cinema or trade fair
Popcorn bags for your event, cinema or trade fair

Enhancement options for a customised presentation

Stand out from the crowd with customised finishing options for popcorn bags or opt for a completely individual size, because popcorn bags can also be made to measure by Ebro Color.

Whether you opt for a standard size or prefer a customised popcorn bag, you can create your own print design to create a completely unique product that reflects your brand, event or function. Whether at the cinema, at trade fairs or at parties, the popcorn bag from Ebro Color is always a good choice.

Sustainable popcorn bags from Ebro Color

Ebro Color's webshop offers environmentally friendly popcorn bags made of brown kraft cardboard and white cardboard, which are ideal for cinema operators, event organisers and environmentally conscious brands. These popcorn bags combine sustainability with style as they are fully recyclable and made from renewable materials. Your brand's environmental commitment can therefore be emphasised with visually appealing packaging that is both practical to use and aesthetically pleasing.

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