Corrugated cardboard - the secure packaging for shipping

Folding boxes made of corrugated cardboard are an excellent choice when it comes to packaging and shipping goods or packaging products particularly securely. They are stable, robust and can be assembled quickly and easily.</p

Products are increasingly being packaged in corrugated cardboard, as the trend towards online shopping and therefore product packaging that can be shipped is on the rise. Instead of being sold on the shelf, products are increasingly being sold online and need to look good and be printed in small quantities for shipping.

E-corrugated board is a particularly popular type of corrugated board for shipping, but especially as product packaging for e-commerce. It is used in many folding boxes made from corrugated cardboard.

What is E flute

E-flute corrugated board is a three-layer corrugated board consisting of a flat outer layer, a corrugated intermediate layer and a flat inner layer. This type of corrugated board is particularly useful as sales packaging for high-quality consumer goods and is ideal for folding cartons and folding boxes.

The E flute, also known as a fine flute or microwave, has the following dimensions:

  • Shaft height (h): 1.0-1.9 mm

  • Wave pitch (t): 2.6-3.5 mm

The E shaft has become increasingly popular. One reason for this is that it is much easier to produce than B-flute corrugated board. This type of flute has allowed corrugated board to be used in new industries, particularly as retail packaging in the high-end consumer goods sector.

The E flute is three-layered, consisting of a flat outer layer, a corrugated intermediate layer and a flat inner layer.

Another advantage of E-flute is that it is easy to recycle. E-flute can simply be fed into the recycling loop after use to enable it to be reused as a raw material. This helps to reduce waste and supports the conservation of resources.</p

E-flute brown

E-flute brown is usually made from recycled paper and therefore often has a brown colour. This variant is particularly environmentally friendly as no additional colourants need to be used.

By using recycled paper, the production of E-flute brown reduces the need for wood fibres, which saves valuable resources and reduces the environmental impact.

E-flute brown is a particularly environmentally friendly material as it does not need to be bleached, which reduces the use of additional chemicals. This natural colour gives the folding boxes made of E-flute brown a rustic and environmentally conscious look.

Overall, E-flute brown is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective option for the production of folding cartons. It offers high stability and is suitable for a wide range of applications while minimising environmental impact.

E-flute white

E flute white is another popular material for the production of folding cartons. In contrast to E-flute brown, E-flute white is usually made from virgin fibres and has a bright, clean and smooth surface. This variant is particularly suitable for products that require high print quality, such as cosmetic products or stationery.

The use of E-flute white for folding cartons offers numerous advantages. For example, it offers high durability and is therefore suitable for protecting delicate items such as glassware or electronics. In addition, it is a very flexible material and can easily be produced in different sizes and shapes.

Overall, E-flute white is a durable and flexible option for the production of folding cartons. It offers excellent print quality and is therefore particularly suitable for companies that want to emphasise their brand. In addition, it is an environmentally friendly option that is easily recyclable and helps to minimise environmental impact.

E-flute white also offers excellent print quality, making it an ideal choice for companies looking to highlight their logo or brand on packaging. The smooth surface of E-flute white makes it possible to produce clear and sharp printed images that can reinforce the brand image.

Kraftliner laminated onto white E-flute corrugated

A speciality in the Ebro Color range is the combination of Kraftliner laminated on E-flute corrugated cardboard. A 200g/m2 Kraftliner made from solid board is laminated onto 593 g/m2 E-flute corrugated board. The print quality of solid board digital and offset printing can be realised on the corrugated board.

The kraftliner is first printed in the highest quality on our high-quality digital and offset machines. It is then laminated onto the E flute. The print on the E-flute folding carton is therefore uniquely sharp, even with image printing. This makes the combination of kraftliner and E flute ideal for high-quality product packaging. The packaging optimally combines the advantages of solid board and corrugated board. Ebro Color can offer product packaging made of corrugated board in the highest print quality, as solid board is laminated onto corrugated board. The print quality is identical to printing on solid board for both large and small print runs.

We would be happy to send you samples of high-quality E-flute corrugated packaging. Printing can be done on both the white and the brown surface. This means that brown E-flute folding boxes can also be produced with a Kraft look. The combination of Kraft liner and E-flute is very popular for high-quality product packaging as well as shipping boxes.

Versatility and robustness: various kraftliner options for sustainable packaging

Brown kraftliner

Kraftliner with a brown outer surface can be laminated onto E-flute corrugated cardboard with a brown, white or black inner surface.

  • Kraftliner brown (KBB): Natural and robust
    • Kraftliner Brown 200 g/m², laminated on brown E-flute corrugated cardboard, combines robustness and an appealing, natural look. Ideal for environmentally friendly packaging, this cardboard impresses with its strength and environmentally conscious character.</li
  • Kraftliner Brown (KBW): Versatility with a white reverse side
    • Kraftliner Brown 200 g/m², combined with an E-flute with white inside, is a versatile cartonboard that combines a natural brown colour front with a pure white reverse side to create an aesthetically pleasing and robust packaging solution.
  • Kraftliner Brown (KBS): elegance in brown and black
    • Elegance and strength characterise Kraftliner Brown 200 g/m², laminated on E-flute corrugated cardboard with a black inside. The contrast between the brown front and the black reverse gives this cardboard a classy appearance and makes it a high-quality choice for a wide range of packaging applications.</li

Kraftliner white

Kraftliner with a white outer surface can be laminated onto E-flute corrugated cardboard with a brown, white or black inner surface.

  • Kraftliner white (KWB): Robust natural aesthetics
    • The Kraftliner White 200 g/m², laminated on brown E-flute corrugated cardboard, stands for particular robustness and sustainability. It offers high strength and the brown colouring presents a natural, earthy aesthetic, ideal for sophisticated packaging solutions.</li
  • Kraftliner White (KWW): clarity and high strength
    • The high-strength Kraftliner White 200 g/m², laminated on E-flute corrugated cardboard with a white inside, is an all-rounder for robust packaging. Its bright, clean aesthetic makes it the ideal choice for versatile applications where strength and a clear, fresh design are required.</li
  • Kraftliner White (KWS): modern elegance and strength
    • For a modern and stylish packaging solution, Kraftliner White 200 g/m², laminated on E-flute corrugated cardboard with a black inside, offers a combination of strength and elegance. Its black colouring creates a modern aesthetic that is perfect for sophisticated and design-oriented packaging.</li

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