Cardboard structures directly from the manufacturer

Cardboard textures transform every folding carton into a visual and tactile masterpiece. A variety of designs make your products unmistakable. Choose from a wide range of existing textures or create your own customised texture for an unforgettable tactile experience.

The importance of cardboard structures for packaging

In the world of packaging, structures play a decisive role in haptic perception and aesthetic quality. Ebro Color uses advanced technologies to extract structures from image data and integrate them into customised packaging solutions. This enables not only visual, but also haptic differentiation that makes products unmistakable.

Variety of cardboard texture patterns

Ebro Color offers a wide range of textured cartonboard patterns for folding cartons that transform any packaging into a work of art. From the robust carbon texture, ideal for modern designs, to the classically elegant corduroy, each texture has its own special features and areas of application. Each texture, from carbon to complex surfaces, offers a unique way to highlight products and provide customers with an unforgettable experience.

Technical and futuristic carton structures for folding cartons

At Ebro Color, you will find cutting-edge textures such as carbon that convey a technical aesthetic, ideal for products that represent innovation and progress. Foam paint and granules offer unique, futuristic-looking surfaces that create a modern and avant-garde look.

Natural and organic cardboard structures

Our collection of natural patterns such as Jardin, Blossom and Bird's Claw reflect the beauty of nature. These textures are perfect for organic product lines and add a sense of naturalness and authenticity to any packaging.</p

Elegant and classic textures

For a touch of elegance and class, Ebro Color offers textures such as leather and corduroy. These textures are ideal for creating a high-quality and classy look, perfect for luxury goods and premium products.

Geometric and abstract designs

Geometric patterns such as checks, circular checks, triangles and squares offer a clear and modern look. Ebro Colour goes one step further with abstract designs such as waves, which create a dynamic and creative look.

Specialised and functional patterns

Ebro Color's functional patterns, including stripes, corners and diagonal lines, are not only visually appealing, but also offer practical benefits such as improved grip and feel.

Enhancing packaging with cardboard textures

The variety of cardboard textures at Ebro Color offers many different ways to make your products stand out on the market. From technical to natural patterns, each texture tells its own story and gives your packaging a unique identity. Discover the world of textures at Ebro Color and let your products shine with style and substance.

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