Grass cardboard directly from the manufacturer

The grass board consists of 6% grass fibres and 94% recycled fibres. The low grass fibre content in combination with recycled fibres results in an exemplary favourable sustainability balance.

Haptically, the board impresses with a natural roughness. The visible grass fibres describe properties such as biologically valuable, healthy and ecological. The cardboard is very well printable in digital printing as well as in offset printing.

Grass carton as a sustainable alternative

In contrast to a carton made from 100 per cent brown or grey recycled fibres, we as a manufacturer offer our grass-based carton made from 6 per cent grass fibres and 94 per cent recycled fibres. The advantage of recycled material, which stands out positively due to its reuse, is obvious - so what advantage does the addition of grass-based material offer?

Why you should buy grass-based cardboard

Grass-based cardboard is still a relatively new type of cardboard. This packaging is not made of 100 per cent grass, but is an admixture to another type of cardboard, mostly recycled cardboard. The idea was born out of the demand for sustainability, as the production of paper from wood is still very costly. The deforestation of entire forests in times of climate crisis is also being reconsidered in the meantime, as forests are not a fast-growing material but a project for several generations. As a manufacturer of packaging and folding cartons, we are aware of this responsibility.

The positive eco-balance of green cardboard

For one tonne of paper produced from wood, up to 6000 litres of water have to flow, whereas only a few litres of water are needed in the production of grass-based cardboard. Tall growing plants like trees have a natural glue called lignin. This glue makes them stable and enables their high orientation and sturdy growth. For paper production, however, this glue is a major disadvantage, which has to be removed at great expense by a chemical process. The light, small and flexible grass, on the other hand, has only a very low proportion of lignin and requires very few process chemicals overall. The energy required to process grass is also far lower than that required to process wood.

What is the CO₂ footprint of folding boxes made from grass-based cardboard?

Grass meadows grow very quickly and thus enable a good yield with minimal to no maintenance. Grass meadows are also regionally available almost everywhere and thus enable short transport distances. This results in a very good CO₂ balance for packaging and folding boxes made of grass-based cardboard, which is important to us as a manufacturer.

Does the use of grass for cardboard production compete with animal feed production?

For the production of grass-based cartonboard, compensatory and surplus land is used that is not fertilised or cultivated and is not used for animal feed production. Thus, the use of grass in paper and board production does not compete with animal feed production.

What is grass-based cardboard suitable for?

The surface feels slightly rough and the visible grass fibres signal the sustainability of the cardboard. Folding boxes made from grass board are slightly lighter in shade than board made from 100 per cent brown or grey recycled material and thus look more visually appealing. Grass cardboard is very suitable for the packaging or presentation of products that have been produced sustainably and ecologically or are of organic quality.

Does grass board print well?

The rough feel of the surface has no influence on a possible printing result. The cardboard can be printed very well in digital printing as well as in offset printing. You are buying a high-quality product.

Is the size or the shape of the grass cardboard limited?

No, you can buy custom sizes and shapes for grass cartons from us. Depending on the purpose, we will be happy to advise you on the possibilities here.

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