Kraft cardboard directly from the manufacturer

Craft cardboard consists of 100% primary wood fibres. We make sure that the wood fibres are of certified sustainable origin. The "Kraft" brown rough surface on both sides is becoming increasingly popular due to its natural and rustic appearance. Especially when stability and tear resistance are important, the cardboard can show off its particular strengths.

In addition, we also have the kraft cardboard in our range coated white on one side with a kraft look on the inside.

Sturdily packaged in boxes made of kraft cardboard

Cardboard is a classic among packaging materials. In its origins, the term "cardboard" refers to a material from which, among other things, packaging such as the cardboard derived from it as well as boxes or carrier bags are made. The appearance of kraft cardboard is reminiscent of strong paper - and it is even stronger than it seems at first glance.

Boxes and folding cartons made of brown kraft cardboard are used to ship goods, transport items and store letters, invoices, newspaper clippings and more. Often of a rather plain design, kraft cardboard boxes score points for their practicality. Their multiple use options make them persistently in demand. Demand is growing as sustainability of products becomes more important to businesses and consumers. Kraft cardboard is definitely an alternative to cardboard and plastic for packaging, including carrier bags. Buying kraft cardboard is practically already a matter of good taste.

What kind of material is kraft cardboard anyway?

Many people underestimate kraft cardboard as a packaging material. While cardboard packaging is a familiar sight in the shipping of goods, it is often cardboard boxes made of corrugated cardboard and other visually thick cardboard. Kraft cardboard looks much thinner in comparison. Confidence in kraft cardboard packaging comes from knowing exactly what makes this material tick.

Strength cardboard is made almost entirely from cellulose fibres. Coniferous woods such as pine or spruce are particularly suitable for this. During the manufacturing process, the fibres interlock with each other and thus form a stabilising bond. Special additives such as glue, starch and alum ensure even better strength and a smooth surface.

Kraft cardboard boxes at a glance

As an alternative to usual cardboard boxes, kraft cardboard boxes appear more elegant. Their relatively thin cardboard material gets its stability not from pure mass or thickness but mainly from its special property of interlinked and glued cellulose fibres. At the latest when you feel the kraft cardboard, you will be convinced of its good durability and love the smooth surface that is pleasant to the touch.

You can buy kraft cardboard boxes from us in many different folding box shapes.

Craft cardboard boxes

The basic box variant made of kraft cardboard is available from us in numerous sizes and in cube and cuboid formats. All box containers have a lid: as a separate lid to put over or as an integrated lid to fold over.

Folding kraft cardboard boxes

We offer the folding box made of kraft cardboard as cubes and cuboids in various sizes. We deliver the folding boxes, which consist entirely of one piece, flat to save space. They can be folded into their box shape in no time. At the top end, flaps that can be put over each other replace the lid.

Customise kraft cardboard boxes

Our kraft cardboard boxes are available in the characteristic colour brown. The light brown is already pleasant in itself. The muted colour also makes an excellent background for customising. For business purposes, you can print your company logo on the brown kraft cardboard or paint it colourfully if it is intended as a private gift box. We will be happy to advise you in more detail.

Quick and convenient: buy boxes online

Make it easy for yourself and buy your kraft cardboard boxes online from us. Within Germany, shipping takes only a few days.

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